Stay Current With The Latest In Human Hair Fashion


Perhaps your expensive coat made of human chest hair is out of season? Maybe it’s time to check out the latest in human hair fashion.

Here, photographer Hermano Silva shoots male model Tom Peters in various “hair designs” by Berlin-based designer Michael Käpernick. There’s no telling where this human hair actually came from (and we probably don’t want to know), but assuming it wouldn’t gross you out, which design would you want to wear?

We’re kinda feeling that hairy tank top, but only if the model comes with it. We love a man that respects the hanky code.

Hairwear-Homotography-Hermano-8 Hairwear-Homotography-Hermano-7 Hairwear-Homotography-Hermano-6 Hairwear-Homotography-Hermano-5 Hairwear-Homotography-Hermano-4 Hairwear-Homotography-Hermano-3 Hairwear-Homotography-Hermano-1

[h/t Homotography]

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