Steele: ‘The era of apologizing for Republican mistakes of the past is now officially over’

SOUNDBITES — “Our comeback is well underway out in the states, I can assure you of that. The folks inside the Beltway don’t know it yet, but the people are beginning to rally, the comeback has begun… Those of you who toil in the vineyards, spending time in communities, in diners, barber shops and coffee shops where real every day people can be found, you know it’s real. … The era of apologizing for Republican mistakes of the past is now officially over. It is done, we have turned the page, we have turned the corner. No more looking in the review mirror.” —The prepared remarks of RNC chairman Michael Steele, addressing the organization’s 168 leaders, and apparently unaware he was not supposed to be delivering a stand-up routine [WaPo]

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  • Oaklander

    My vote is 100% up for grabs, GOP. I have been abandoned by the DNC, and I have no loyalty to them. Court me.

  • Alec

    Does he really believe that four months will cover the sins of over eight years? There’s still plenty to apologize for.

    One of their most recent sins, for example, was selecting Steele as chair.

  • Alec

    @Oaklander: That’s just it. They’re not going to court you, because they’re not changing. In fact, Steele is busy trying to come up with new arguments about why you shouldn’t be permitted to marry, serve in the armed forces or remain employed.

  • Jeff

    They apologized? I must have been absent that day.

    Oh and Oaklander NEVER EVER VOTE GOP. Vote GREEN before GOP. Voting GOP is a one way ticket to HELL

  • Jason in WV

    “Those of you who toil in the vineyards, spending time in communities, in diners, barber shops and coffee shops” – I didn’t know they were courting the votes of ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!!!

  • orpheus_lost

    @Oaklander: I doubt the republicans would be any better than the democrats when it comes to our rights, but I’m very willing to vote third party in 2010 and beyond. From this point on, my vote goes to those who promise – and work for – FULL human rights.

  • Alec

    @Jason in WV: Heh. Careful, Bill Perdue will be along to explain how that term is inherently offensive.

    But, nah, they’re not courting the immigrant vote, just their wage overseers who violate the labor laws the Republicans want to repeal.

  • Alex

    @Oaklander: Good luck with that.

  • sdandy

    @Alec: I was also wondering when they apologized???

  • andy

    Yeh, I voted green before and it got me BUSH so I’m not so quick to go that way again. But the days of sending in checks to the democratic candidate are over for me. I hope the democrats don’t need my money because they aren’t getting it until I see some action on the part of equal human rights for me and my family! As far as the republican party goes that is the party of the paranoid and stupid and I could care less about those types.

  • strumpetwindsock

    It’s significant that Steele uses faux-biblical affectations like “toil in the vineyards” in his speech.

    Who is he really talking to when he uses quaint old chestnuts like that?

    It tells me that he and his party aren’t in a hurry to remove that fundamentalist christian albatross from their shoulder.

  • Aaron

    Alec, sad thing is…Obama’s Admin is not really doing much different.

  • Alec

    @Aaron: President Obama is a failure on marriage equality (no surprise; he campaigned on civil unions) and apparently DADT, but he’ll sign the hate crimes legislation, ENDA and they’re working on some other measures (domestic partnership benefits for federal employees, for example). None of this would have happened under the Decider.

  • The Gay Numbers


  • dvlaries

    First step if you wanna start foolin’ the people again that you’ve changed, GOP: one of you better find a way to gag Cheney.

  • petted

    Republican apology = fail.

  • Nitesurf

    real every day people can be found, you know it’s real

    What Steele apparently doesn’t know is that those same “real everday people” on the GOP side hate his guts because he’s black. He’s an embarrassment.

  • dgz

    apparently “era” = extremely short or nonexistent period of time.

  • Scot

    Check your history folks. The republican party took a page from Hitler. Tell the same BIG LIE over and over and people will began to believe it. fuckus on the family does it, n-o-m does it and the church does it. And you better believe it works. As gay men, it has worked against us for thousands of years. Think about that for a while.

  • TANK

    So let’s fight back in the meme war. Let’s engineer some memes…some lancet flukes (memes) for the ants (people)…burrowing into their heads and driving ’em up blades of grass like little all terrain vehicles to be eaten by cattle…and infect them. We know what doesn’t work, though…we really do…”oh pity us…it’s the right thing to do”. Very few ever do anything simply because it’s the right performative until that aligns with what they want to do…luck.

  • dfrw

    Just like Andy in number 10, I voted Green and I got Bush, so I still vote for the Democrat, but I stopped sending money to Democrats long ago. Obama got my vote, but not my dime. We’re usually put in the position of the lesser of two evils and that’s what we get of Democrats. There will always be an excuse to not repeal DADT and the excuse-machine has already geared up. Pathetic.

  • Attmay

    The lesser of three evils is still evil.

    The time to start a Gay Political Party is now. We can make life very difficult for these “people” if we band together to do so.

  • schlukitz

    I am so relieved that “The era of apologizing for Republican mistakes is now officially over.”

    Wonderful. Now, they can get back to good, old-fashioned, business-as-usual, gay-bashing with impunity.

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