dr. marty klein

“Step-fathers who have sex with their step-daughters don’t do it because of ‘heterosexuality'”

SOUNDBITES — “After all, male soccer coaches who have sex with teen girls, and step-fathers who have sex with their step-daughters don’t do it because of ‘heterosexuality.’ Such adult sexual behavior is caused by internal torment about sexuality, a collapse of boundaries, lack of empathy, a breakdown of ethics, and confusion about power…just like priests sexually exploiting boys.” —Marriage counselor and psychotherapist Dr. Marty Klein, putting in layman’s terms new research that shows sexuality isn’t a factor with Catholic priests who molest children [Carnal Nation]

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  • *J_C*


  • terrwill

    OH MY!! What a TOTAL SUPRISE!! This “study” was commissioned by the RC Church!! Holy Boy Diddler Batman!! Ya just had to know that they would find a way to make sure no one could accuse Father Fuckmyson isn’t a Gay!!!

  • James UK

    Why the surprise?

    It’s not a Catholic conspiracy.

    It’s true that for some absuers, 3 holes is an absolute must. For some it has to be 2. For some it’s a case of 2 out 3 ain’t bad.

    People fuck kids because they can; because they want to; because they’re sick, by which I mean pyschiatrically ill which is absolutely no excuse; because torture and power turns them on; because they know the public and in particular the police and social services are reluctant to believe kids who do report abuse; and because the nuclear family is fetishized beyond belief.

    And as we in the UK know from recent reports to Childline (a toll free helpline number kids can call to report abuse of all kinds from bullying at school to sexual abuse) and from a number of criminal prosecutions – Myra Hindley and Vanessa George being the two best known cases – it’s not only men who sexually harm children.

    Being a Catholic priest and a gay one doesn’t make you prone to abusing boys. But if you are a child abuser, it has traditionally provided great cover. And if we lose the culture wars and go back to the fifties, will again.

    (Just so you know, I’m not pro-Catholic at all. I’m a devout un-believer in any sort of creator mythology, ancestor worship, or indeed faeries at the bottom of the garden – unless of course they can lip synch to the whole of Judy “Live at Carnegie Hall”, when they’re alright with me.)

  • Tommy

    I think he makes an obvious point that has been said many times before. Rape or sexual assault is always about power and control, not about being sexually attracted to the victim.

    It’s a common psychological truth. Some people are trying to make into a defense of the Catholic Church when it isn’t.

  • FakeName

    Terrwill sez: “Holy Boy Diddler Batman!! Ya just had to know that they would find a way to make sure no one could accuse Father Fuckmyson isn’t a Gay!!!”

    Um, what? This is a step forward for the RCs. Not too long ago they simply blamed their decades of sex scandals on gay priests. Now they’re acknowledging that the adult orientation of the abuser has no bearing on their choice of victims. This is also a step forward for the gay community. While it always takes a long time to break down the ignorance of the general public, every time we can point to something like this, especially if it’s funded by “the opposition”, it’s a potential tool for changing hearts and minds. This is the equivalent of the various military-funded and conservative think tank studies about gays in the military.

  • James UK

    I’d like to agree Fakename, I really would.

    However, I can’t see this study causing the one true religion to abandon its “fundamentally disordered” stance.

    But that of course is the consolation of and the beauty of faith. One needn’t pay any attention to facts. Especially not to those one doesn’t like. Or those that sit uneasily alongside the corporate mission statement.

    I doubt the good doctor will be getting more research funds from the holy father any time soon.

  • Scott

    I would aver that since there are more abusers out there who are self-identified heterosexuals (stepfathers, fathers, uncles, brothers) that heterosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to marry nor keep their children.

    On the female side you don’t hear much about abuse but when the women go there they become child killers like Susan Smith and the other recent one whose name escapes me. I had a friend who said he almost died because his mother didn’t feed him when he was an infant back in the 1940s. I thought that was an isolated instance, then my hairstylist told me she was watching her sister-in-law starve her nephew. She did her best to get in to babysit as much as possible to feed him. Thankfully he lived.

    Heterosexuals, you just can’t trust ’em!

  • Larry

    I have read so many coments about this subject, and most of them seem to be text book explanations.

    If you consider the fact that only 50% of all the rapes are reported, then its not unusual to believe that young girls haveing sex with their own Fathers would refrain from reporting it.

    In ancient Rome, relations between Fathers and Daughters were common place.

    Someone stated that this behaviour is a result of the collapse of morales and I believe that to be true.

    Most studies cannot link such behaviour to mental illness, I believe it is the “Forbidden Fruit” concept. Man wants most what he is not allowed to have. It is this concept that drives underground industries. (Black Markets)

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