Step Right Up, Become Teen Vogue‘s Next Gay Best Friend!

If Marie Claire can hand a spread to the winner of America’s Next Top Model, can’t Teen Vogue — which is getting to the bottom of this GAY BEST FRIEND TREND — at least feature a front of the book blurb to Eric Thor, who clearly wants to become the next must-have accessory?

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  • Eric Thor

    Thanks for posting my video! Very much appreciated.

  • Bubba

    Ur fugly.

  • nikko

    BUBBA, you’re pathetically rude. Keep that thought to yourself. And no, he’s not ugly.

  • L.

    While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, every time I see some comment about how “ugly” or whatnot someone is, I always wish the author would show a few selfies. You know, for comparison purposes. Yet they never do, oddly enough.


    @Eric Thor: Don’t be ascared of the trolls….U r far from fugly :-p

  • L.

    @Eric Thor: Oh yes I forgot but Nikko and PWWO remind me – as mentioned beauty is only a personal opinion but I do agree you’re quite removed from ugly.

  • Lauren

    Always great to see a fellow Demarite on Queerty, Eric :) Congrats on the recognition!

  • Paul

    have they stopped making combs?

  • DiosDelSol

    If any woman called me her gay best friend, or called herself my faghag….i’d curb stomp the silly mare

  • MissLaWandalicious

    ease up on Bubba bitches cuz this kid ain’t THAT hot! Y’all have to have ur eyes examined child!

  • L.

    @MissLaWandalicious: Beauty, eye, beholder and all that, so differing opinions are entirely acceptable and valid. What is I think less acceptable is downright rudeness.

  • Dollie

    YES! YES! YES! Smart kid!
    Although I greatly appreciate Teen Vogue for trying to encourage straight, young women to embrace the gay (male) population, the message is clearly lost in the dehumanizing and shallow babble. (Then again, did expect anything more from such a magazine?)

    -Speaking of shallow babble, I am appalled by some of the comments above me!

  • Charles

    Teen Vogue. Boycotting this magazine will not be a problem for me.

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