Damned lies & statistics

Step Right Up: Watch Concerned Women For America Pull Statistics Right Out Of Its Ass!

In an amazing feat of daring-do, Concerned Wome for America’s Janice Crouse trots out a litany of questionable, unsubstantiated and refuted statistics to demonstrate how being gay is just wrong, m’kay?

Right off the bat she claims gays and lesbians have a shorter lifespan—”gays generally have a loss of 20 years of lifespan.” Even if that were a valid statistic—and she doesn’t cite any study, of course—that doesn’t mean science is down on LGBTs.

Here’s just a few reasons why:

  • Many gay lives were cut short because for years society did little about the AIDS epidemic.
  • It’s been proven people in committed relationships tend to live longer. (They have someone to live for and someone monitoring their health.) With gay marriage not legal in most states, gays and lesbians are not encouraged to partner up.
  • With douchebags like Crouse spitting venom at us, LGBT folks are more susceptible to depression and related conditions.

Crouse has got some pretty big problems with logic for a woman with a PhD in communications. But if you read this bio of the 68-year-old former Bush I speechwriter she’s more concerned with her conservative agenda than real facts.

We’re not going to take Crouse’s case apart claim by claim. Frankly we have more important things to do—like grout the tiles in our bathroom.