Stephanie Seymour’s Gay Son Peter Brant II Insists ‘Intimate’ Beach Photos Are Innocent

I would just like to say that these pictures have been taken completely out of context, my mother and i are very close as she is with all her children. she often hugs and kisses me and my siblings in an manner that is intimate, any mother in the world does the same. that day on the beach we walked around with each other completely aware of the presence of photographers there. We have nothing to hide and with that in mind I would like to say that I am openly gay. At my age my mother and I are almost like friends and I feel open to talk to her about anything (and yes our relationship may be different because of my sexuality).

—Peter Brant II, proud eldest son of supermodel Stephanie Seymour, responds to everyone who thinks the 17-year-old and his mom have some incestuous relationship going on because of a few snapshots taken of them at the beach, which blogs like Styleist described as “canoodling”. Also, he used it as a chance to come out, which was, um, obvs? [FB via Gawker]

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  • jack e jett

    everyone makes out with their mom.

  • justiceontherocks

    This is Catholic church-like weird.

  • Fitz

    Where do you see them making out? I don’t see them making out. I see a cheek kiss with her arm around him in one photo, and a side hug in the other. She is a model, and there are boobs everywhere, but still.. not everyone is afraid of bodies, guys.

  • Franky

    They’re almost kissing on the mouth. In some countries it’s not weird to kiss completely on the mouth. Not open mouth but still on the mouth. His hand looks like he’s almost copping a feel but that’s the only slightly weird thing to me.

  • scott ny'er

    wow. That FB link… he looks fabulous. He really does.

  • Cam

    I don’t know, I mean honestly it just looks like she ran up put her arm around him and gave him a kiss. You could probably get similar pictures from many families (Sans bathing suits) at any birthday party or christmas gift opening.

  • ChicagoJimmy

    I’m sorry, I must have missed a memo somewhere. Am I really supposed to know who these people are or care that he’s grabbing her breast?

  • Alan

    I kiss my mom on the lips. It’s not weird in my family at all. I even kiss my grandpa on the lips, like a light peck. We are all just close.

  • Cam


    Stephany Seymore, former supermodel from the early 90’s or even late 80’s I think. I have to say, the woman is rocking quite the body for somebody her age with a few kids.

  • jacknastion

    @ChicagoJimmy: wouldn’t it have taken you less time to just google Stephanie Seymour or put her name in wikipedia than make your pointless comment? I’m sure you lead such an exciting life that you don’t have time to concern yourself with trivial matters like recognizing celebrities, but apparently have an abundance of time to most asinine comments like that.

  • lemon-lime

    @ChicagoJimmy: I think his point is that has been a long time since she has fallen out of the limelight and this is such a non-story it hurts.

    Like the above comments have noted, there were probably 6 photos taken in less than a second, they were just horsing around and it was a simple peck on the cheek. Yawn. Stop perving on the poor gay son and his MILF mom and leave them alone.

  • lemon-lime

    @jacknastion: I think his point is that has been a long time since she has fallen out of the limelight and this is such a non-story it hurts.

    Like the above comments have noted, there were probably 6 photos taken in less than a second, they were just horsing around and it was a simple peck on the cheek. Yawn. Stop perving on the poor gay son and his MILF mom and leave them alone.

  • GetBalance

    It’s not unlike moms to romanticize gay sons. This pic looks really suspect as mom seems to be gloming onto him, though she may have raised him to think that’s natural. I dated this one guy that was so into his mom and visa versa it was very difficult to separate him out for a real sovereign relationship. I eventually came to the conclusion she had sexually abused him in his youth and let him go. Though mothers molesting sons is the last bastion of the sex abuse stuff to come out in the media, (Oprah has lightly touched on it) mothers molesting sons in my opinion, is a much higher number than we might think or even entertain. Mainly because it’s the ultimate sexual weirdness for a guy to be overcome by a woman, especially a mother. I think Freud would have a bit to say about these pix.

  • damon459

    How is this news? WHO CARES! Maybe the “owners” of this site should find some bloggers who aren’t bitter jaded drama queens? If I wanted this kinda of trash I could pick of the National Enquirer or go to

  • GetBalance

    @Damon459 “WHO CARES!” I care.

  • rrr

    @GetBalance: Freud saw sex and sexual dysfunction everywhere he looked so of course he would see that in these pics. He’d also see it in all the other pics on this site and in pics of cartoon bunny rabbits and landscape scenes.

  • Pip

    @scott ny’er: He’s a male model with a giant ass trust fund and a nepotist advantage in the fashion world. I’d expect as much.
    Also, he’s like waddling around that beach with his mom like they’re characters in a romance novel. It does look kinda weird.

  • Obama DID say DADT would happen on his watch... (John From England)


    Very true. Women do a lot more sexual abuse then men. Especially in that ‘Isn’t mummy the prettiest in world?’ ‘and do you like mummy the best?’

    Creepy. Women and their sons!!!

  • ChicagoJimmy

    @jacknastion: I don’t know. Would it have taken you less time to shove your head up your ass than responding to my post with such bitchiness?

    While I wouldn’t call my life exciting, I do have better things to do with my time than sharpening my ability to recognize “celebrities” as you call these folks.

    Get a life.

  • GetBalance


    LOLOL (screach the monkeys in the trees). Brilliant dialogue. You should write professionally. I sure wouldn’t want to meet you in a the dark alleys of high debate. I’d lose my trunks for sure.

    @Obama . . . . .

    A mom friend of mine up un Canada has told me stories of mom/son crap at 3 and 4 yrs old, by moms who have terrible marriages and view their sons as a surrogat hubby, and that includes sex. Most boys forget it immediately as it’s so deranged, but what a terrible scar to carry.

  • GetBalance

    PS hey guys sorry bout the shitty spelling. Tiny phone large fingers crappy spell check and no desk top handy. Geesh. I have more excuses than a Catholic priest. ;)

  • ChicagoJimmy

    @GetBalance: High debate? I believe we’re all commenting on a few snapshots taken of people we don’t know, in a situation we aren’t aware of on a blog. I’m pretty sure my comments directed at jacknastion were appropriate given the comment he sent my way.

    I’ll keep my really witty and intillectual comments for a subject matter of higher import.

  • TommyOC

    @ChicagoJimmy: I’m with you, bro! I’m taking the articles for their face value that she holds some importance… but to me, she’s not important enough anymore to even bother googling.

    2) And I’ll be damned if I pay her son any degree of attention. He’s done nothing for his fame and his deluded self-importance takes away from any sort of pretty-boy-ness he might possess.

    I have no freakin’ idea why New Yorkers place importance on socialites and those born into money. Remember, without New Yorkers, there’d be no Paris Hilton. And without New Yorkers, there’d be no Peter Brant II.

    At least actors in Hollywood *do something* for their fame.

  • Dimi

    They don’t look like they are kissing in the mouth?! That’s in the cheek. And even if it was in the mouth, I’ve seen father and son kiss in the mouth, so I don’t see any problem!!!

  • Black

    He was born Dec. 1992

    He is 18 years old!

  • Mykey

    What a MILF!

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