Stephen Baldwin Lamely Defends Speaking Gig At An Ex-Gay Conference

threesomeStephen Baldwin is not content to let his brother Alec be the most delusional homophobe in the family. The younger Baldwin, who enjoyed some sexy-time with Josh Charles in the movie Threesome, will be a featured speaker at a “Pray the Gay Away” event in Greenville, S.C., over Halloween weekend.

Baldwin, who told Rosie O’Donnell that he supports same-sex marriage in 2012, sat down with Huffington Post to discuss his upcoming appearance at the Rising From the Ashes conference, hosted by former (sure, we’ll go with that) homosexual McKrae Game. In a promotional clip provided by HuffPost, Game knocked a few dicks out of his mouth and said, “Our message is about freedom from homosexuality through Jesus Christ. We are about discipling men any women, young and old, that struggle with or are affected with the issue of homosexuality.”

When asked about the conference, Baldwin explained, “I wouldn’t say that my message is that you can pray the gay away. McKrae has his ministry. He’s somebody that was actively living in the gay lifestyle… and is back living a heterosexual lifestyle. Specifically, I wanted to be involved because… I’ve met a lot of folks in the filmmaking community that actually have come up to me and said, like, ‘You know, Stephen, I know you’re a Christian, and I’m struggling because I don’t know where I’m at in my sexuality.’”

After aggrandizing his beneficence, talk naturally turned to politics, because that’s what Baldwins talk about. “I am no longer a political freak daddy,” he claimed, to the belief of no one. “I am hanging up my political shoes… It’s just so crazy to me now because I don’t really think politics in America really is about really authentically wanting to do the right thing.”

Does Baldwin think that Evangelical conservatives are concerned with doing the right thing? “There are Christians who do get a little, you know, they do it wrong,” Baldwin aw-shucks’ed when asked about the forcefulness of some of his brethren’s convictions. “That’s why I’m grateful now to hopefully have an opportunity to just be me, and be light-hearted and loving, and try to communicate the journey that I’m having in a way that makes people laugh more than anything.”

Baldwin needn’t worry. We’re all laughing, even if we’re not buying one ounce of his doublespeak. He’s ok with same-sex marriage, but he preaches at ex-gay gatherings. He’s no longer political, yet talks about policy issues in interviews. He claims to be one of the Christians who gets it right, and then he defends homophobes like Kirk Cameron. Whatever.

Baldwin says he is full of Christ’s love, but from where we’re standing, it looks like he’s just full of shit.

Photos: Wikipedia, Bilerico via A Man With a View