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  • Paul in Canada

    Poor green monster.

  • Anonymous

    Paul – Comedians on a daily/weekly show DO make routines about current events. How do you figure Stephen is jealous?

  • WillBFair

    WTF. I skipped through this, and it’s all about the usual, moronic trivia of low life commercial meadia. Please darlings, don’t waste my time.

  • mk

    That was about as affectionate and complimentary a ribbing as you can get, and the night before Colbert complained about an “exquisite work of art in the region being damaged” when he talked about the Coop. Obviously it’s a very serious situation journalists are in over there, but at least these jokes have been good spirited and it’s not as though journalists over there will be watching comedy central anyway.

  • KalperniaRena

    ha. ha ha. i’m laughing, really.

  • kayla

    J’adore Stephen Colbert! I still believe in God!

  • greenmanTN

    It’s affectionate joking, not intended to be offensive. (Though when I was watching The Daily Show last night I couldn’t help thinking “If Anderson Cooper really gets hurt they’re gonna feel like shit for this.”)

  • SouthSideShorty

    Dammit, I paid those goons to KILL Cooper, not just rough him up!

  • Casey

    Fuck all you Stephen Colbert hating faggots.

  • sam

    Lol clearly they love Coop

    What’s funnier though is the segment just after it about Bill O’Reilly and h is crappy reasoning for God

  • ewe

    @Casey: I was dragged to his show by a neighbor. He was so annoying, not funny and most of the audeience were passive twenty somethings who laugh just because the warm up comedian is labeled a comedian. They were insulting. Colbert looks like the penquin in Batman…Burgess Meredith

  • ewe

    Playing Stupid being stupid is not funny. hardy har har. The ego on these types of people can be explained by the blind allegiance so many fools who watch him demonstrate. I know i live in an insensitive cynical culture but i also know what is funny and being mean is not funny. It never was, it never will be. I was shocked when i looked around and saw all these idiots laughing at members of the audience being insulted. The staff behind the cameras did not even smile at his drueling.

  • ewe

    Apathy is not jaded. Apathy is giving up.

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