Stephen Colbert Shocked By Same-Sex Couples At The Grammys, Concerned For Viewers

Homophobe watchdog Stephen Colbert has your back, straight America. So you better believe he’s going to call out televised gay bullshit when he sees it.

On last night’s episode of The Colbert Report, the pundit takes aim at that mass same-sex wedding ceremony The Grammys forced down the throats of heterosexual viewers and rightfully raises concern for the many heterosexual men and women that may have been harmed in the process. After all, everybody knows proximity to gays can turn you gay:

I cannot believe that on national television they held a mass gay wedding. Officially it was only 33 couples but who knows how many people were inadvertently gay married last night? It’s just like a Gallagher concert. The first two rows are in the gay ‘splash zone’.

 Shame on CBS! Something this shocking belongs on Logo.