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Stephen Colbert Talks Gay, Larry Craig

Comedian Stephen Colbert appeared on Meet The Press yesterday to discuss his hilarious presidential campaign. Russert, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to have much of a sense of humor and gives Colbert a thorough thrashing on social security, mothers and gay marriage. Of the latter subject, Colbert jokes:

Marriage is the basic building block of society. And if gay men get married, that threatens my marriage immediately because I only got married as a taunt toward gay men because they couldn’t… I just don’t know else–why I got married other than to rub it in gay people’s faces.

Russert’s not amused. The venerable journalist then asks Colbert if he’d take Larry Craig on as his running mate. “I would,” dead-panned Colbert. Russert, too, remained emotionless, albeit for an entirely different reason.