Stephen Moyer On True Blood’s Hearthrobs: “I’ve Gone Down In The Pecking Order”

I feel very at home in that world, so I’m very pleased about it, but I may come in fourth behind Joe Manganiello, Alex Skarsgård, and Ryan Kwanten, if I’m really honest. I’m a little upset. Once upon a time I was doing very well in that area, but after Alex and Joe joined the show, I naturally went down in the pecking order.”

Stephen Moyer, a.k.a. True Blood’s vamp dreamboat Bill, addressing his popularity among gay viewers, in the Advocate.

Photo: HBO

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  • Bee

    I still think he’s super cute he’s nice and tall and slender I love it, excuse my bluntness but I’d let any of the guys on true blood get it in lol

  • James Davis

    @Bee: Bill is my #2 on the show behind Alex, but he is most certainly not tall. He’s only like 5’9″

  • timncguy

    I liked Bill more before he started to trim his chest hair…..

  • Miguel

    I LOVE Stephen Moyer.He’s hot.

  • shannon


  • Bee

    @James Davis: Oh woops I was thinking of Alex Skarsgard lol so nevermind sorry Stephen you are 4th

  • Superman

    Good news for you, Stephen: Marshall Allman (aka Tommy Mickens aka hottest ass EVER) is not on the show anymore, so you moved one rung up the ladder.

    Bad news for you, Stephen: Sam Trammell (aka Sam Merlotte), Kevin Alejandro (aka Jesus Velasquez), and new hottie Scott Foley (aka Patrick Devins) are still on the show, so that’s three rungs down. Sowwy…

  • Rio Carrera

    I love that Stephen is concerned with his gay following and for that fact alone VAMPIRE BILL will always be number one to me! And if SOOKIE don’t want him, I will take him any day! And damn that Anna Paquin is one lucky Fairy cause Stephen is SUPERHOT and that British accent is a huge turn on!

  • justme

    @Rio Carrera: Yeah the fact that he cares or thinks about his ranking among gay guys is cool. Makes me think that if someone offered him some head he would do it, just so it went around gay circles and raised his value a bit. lol. Btw, I use to love Alex until he was in that movie raping a woman with his red neck buddies. He played the part a little too well and now he sort of bugs me… Makes no sense and I know it’s silly but that’s how I feel, so Bill is number 3, until he starts handing out blowjobs.

  • Mr. Fortenberry

    Bill used to be my #1, but now I’d probably go:

    1. Hoyt
    2. Eric
    3. Bill (just barely behind Eric, though)
    4. Alcide (he’s gorgeous, but I prefer the pale guys!)
    5. Jason

  • JohnnyBoy

    I guess their was a poll taken amongst the gays? Funny because he’s not even #4 in my book. I think Sam Trammell is more attractive than Stephen Moyer. So I’m kinda shocked he’s not on the list. Stephen Moyer/Bill comes in last for me at #5.

  • Beth

    @justme: @justme:

    You aren’t the only one. I know it’s stupid and completely illogical but he was just so fucking creepy in that movie it’s stuck with me too.

    I guess instead of being weirded out we should congratulate him on playing the part so well then….from a distance. ;)

  • luc

    Why did they forget about Sam Trammell? He’s high on my list…

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