The Many Names And Underwear Modeling Photos Of Gay Country Star Steve Grand


Steve Grand’s “All-American Boy” is a surefire viral hit; partly because it’s a twangy, pop-country ode to unrequited love from a gay point-of-view — a rarity to say the least — and partly because Grand’s got certain, shall we say, assets, he’s not shy about showing off.

Before baring his soul with “All-American Boy,” Grand bared a little more as Steve Chatham and the fast/furious moniker Finn Diesel, modeling underwear for DNA magazine, photographers Tom Cullis and Wander Aguiar, among others. But hey, girl’s gotta make that dough and that viral video didn’t pay for itself.

Oh, and let’s not forget his previous musical incarnation as Steve Starchild, which gave us this cover of Lady Gaga’s “Marry the Night.” Sadly that video’s no longer available, but there’s also this other Gaga cover, “You and I“– we were never really into that song to begin with anyway.

So in the spirit of striking while the proverbial iron is hot, we dug around the interwebs and found a few photos from Steve Chatham/Steve Starchild/Finn Diesel née Steve Grand’s all-American modeling career.

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  • ncman

    Is underwear modeling like porn so you need to use a fake name?

  • lab

    yum. gorgeous and talented too. wait for the bitchy queens to start pointing out every flaw and saying how he is not good enough for them to fuck.

  • litper

    He’s mega HOT!

    And bitch queens hate beautiful people!!

  • miagoodguy

    very hot but singing talent is mediocre

  • miagoodguy

    got to like the typical d-bag shirtless self pic taken in the bathroom

  • balehead

    He’s hawt!! Hide your Toxic Queen jealousy…

  • trelin

    Eek…I actually lost interest in him now after seeing these pictures. The song is great in basically describing what goes through the minds of nearly every gay boy in high school. But seeing him all sexed-up in these photos just makes him an after-thought now. Sigh…

  • tardis

    @trelin: I hate to say it, but I somewhat agree with you. I’m tired of this being the face of gay.

  • Jackhoffsky

    @ncman: Yes. Although I’m not sure what one is hiding with the name “Starchild”… but who am I to judge.

    For me personally, he does fairly well in still print. He has an amazing body, he’s got a “cute” face… but it’s just not selling the underwear (or… whatever).

    HOWEVER in moving film, in motion, he is absolutely stunning. To freeze-frame any part of him in picture for whatever reason almost seems like an injustice because his face and body in it’s entirety works so beautifully while in movement.

    He’s hot, he sings, he drinks whiskey. I mean seriously… I could not be more in love with him. LOL.

  • Jonty Coppersmith

    He’s handsome and talented. His singing is far better than “mediocre”. I wish him much success, but I think it’s quite premature to call him a country music star. As far as I know
    he hasn’t sold any records at all, and I doubt that the vast majority of the country music audience would want to even look at him, not to mention listen to this song which I adore BTW.

  • Jay

    You can buy his song here, Jonty:

    I think he’s hot. I wish the song had a happy ending, but it’s still worth buying. It’s only $1.

  • Rusriverman

    Great song, I heard it on the 4th of July on a Sirius/XM station I just thought he was a new country artist, great name, great voice, great song and the the video was all over Facebook the next day and following. I’m happy for him and his future success and what’s wrong with that!

  • Rickytoo

    Great song, great video, nice looking young man who, hopefully, will be going places.
    Obviously, if you watch his ABC interview, he is working hard to be successful and appears genuine.

  • middleagespread

    Oh to be 20 yrs younger, and 50 lbs smaller. I would have been chasing him all day.

  • Gigi Gee

    @miagoodguy — LMAO! You are one of the saddest,most pathetic trolls on the internet. I used to find your pathetic comments slightly annoying. Now, I just pity you.

  • Alan down in Florida

    He wrote the song too. This kid is a legitimate talent. With Billboard Magazine’s newest charting criteria if we all watch the video on YouTube multiple times the song might generate enough points for the song to chart. Let’s make it the next Harlem Shake or Gangham Style.

  • Nick

    @trelin: very true, I agree with you.

  • DerekR

    Aaaaaaaaamen Gigi Gee, You could not be more accurate if you tried. Miadouche is also the BIGGEST hypocrite to post here.

  • HernanMinogue

    God he’s hot :)

  • D P

    Yes, he’s a babe!

    BTW, in picture #2, I think the guy behind Steve Grand in the jacuzzi somewhat resembles a much younger Stephen Baldwin. Anyone else think so?

  • miagoodguy

    Thanks for pitying me. It is appreciated. lol

    I wear being called a “troll” as a badge of honor because it means I don’t worship at the foot of so called “right” opinion that a gay man must hold. Awesome!

    You’re life would be better off if you didn’t waste time thinking about my comments if you think they are annoying or trollish.

  • balehead

    Troll is code for bitter stalkers….

  • mz.sam

    Hello Steve and his aka’s!! A Star is Born!!!! (Send All-American Boy video beyond 1M.)

  • Billysees

    @lab: No 2

    Cute….funny comment.

    “wait for the bitchy queens to start pointing out every flaw……”

  • tdx3fan

    An out musician who is mostly cisgendered, extremely hot and very talented. What a nice balance to Glambert. To bad no gay male has a chance in hell of making it in the country music world in the next twenty yesrs where most radio stations will play an hour of Focus on the Family before playing a minute of any of his songs.

  • tdx3fan

    @Jay: It does have a happy ending… assuming you mean the video. You just have to have lived the life portrayed to understand that most of the time that situation ends with a lost friend (or friends) and a few days recovering from cracked ribs and facial damage.

  • DarkZephyr

    @miagoodguy: Yeah yeah yeah, we get it. You’re “edgy” and a “rebel” among gays and you aren’t a “sheep” like the rest of us wanting equality and respect and boring stuff like that, blah blah blah. You love being just like BJ McFrisky and Fagburn. Go you.

  • SF Native

    Ironic. The guys who say “the bitchy queens will” blah blah blah, always sound like the bitchy queens to me. Giving an opinion or critique does not make one a “bitchy queen”. MMMkay?

  • SF Native

    Oh and for the record the guy is freakin hot!

  • YesIDid

    Those hips… that ass… I’m beside myself!

  • Toby Ross

    Beautiful man,and talented too, I need a glass of water :)
    Toby Ross

  • grethomory

    I’m not worried about his looks. He’s a nice looking guy, but that song is horrible. He’s not that great of a singer which in this day and time really doesn’t matter, but the lyrical content is not that well written.

  • Brian Anthony Kraemer

    I don’t know if there’s any chance Steve Grand might get my message here, but I would like to suggest he read my book available on Amazon entitled, “Why I Slept With My Therapist, How One Gay Man Tried to Go Straight.” What he said about his relationship with his therapist and what kind of beliefs they were operating on sounds exactly like my relationship with my therapist. I hope he reads my book and afterwords, he and I can celebrate our self-acceptance together. Man, wouldn’t that be nice! :)

  • capeguyz

    Every photo could be an album cover. Hot! Hot! smokin’ Hot!

  • JustSayin

    So exciting to see such a beautiful, openly gay man making successful strides into the mainstream Entertainment world. What is it about us as gay people that we tend to pick each other apart? I should think there would be nothing but excitement, pride, and praise directed toward one of our own.

  • TylernKY

    He is making a fool of himself.. Want to be in music world? Show some professionalism. Disgusting acts of narcisstic behavior. Over it. SNAP…… NEXT….

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