Naked Ambition

Steve Grand Drops Something Other Than His Pants: Two New Tunes

steve-grand-lake-superiorOut country singer Steve Grand, who seems to have become just as famous for jumping naked into bodies of water as he has for making music — not that we’re complaining — has just dropped something other than his pants: two new songs.

Actually, one is new, the other is a remake. Again, no complaints.

Grand, who became an overnight sensation when his “All-American Boy” video (which featured him skinny dipping with former Fratmen model Nick Alan) went viral in July of 2013, has just blessed us with “Time,” a yearning romantic-sounding tune produced by Aaron Johnson, and a cover of Elton John‘s 1974 hit “Bennie and the Jets.”

The Huffington Post reports that “Time” will appear on the 24-year-old musician and former underwear model’s upcoming album, for which he raised more than $114,000 in less than 24 hours on Kickstarter.

Listen to the tunes below. Watch Grand jump naked into Lake Superior as part of a fund-raising effort for the ALS foundation here.