Worn on the 4th of July

Steve Grand finds even smaller underwear for Independence Day

Of course, musician/model Steve Grand is of course no stranger to skimpy underwear, but he really managed to top himself on Independence Day.

While hanging with Instagram studmuffins Dave and AJ (otherwise known as Monkey Bizness), Grand posed in next-to nothing attire during a trip to Provincetown, and we’re here to droolingly report on the the photograph that resulted.

Surely this is patriotism at its best.

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While ogling the pic, please note that Grand will be performing at The Provincetown Art House Theatre every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 7 pm from July 5 through August 31.

If you happen to be sauntering through the recklessly gay, taffy-infused beach town for Bear Week, consider poking your head in to see the show.

Okay, so here’s that photo: