Steve Grand Has Had A Positive Impact On The Catholic Church, Says His Priest

stevegrand1I think he’s changing our community, he’s changing us…I’ve never seen this before. It’s opened up conversations with me that are unbelievable, really. A lot of folks have come to me and said, ‘I have a gay daughter, a gay son.’ This young man has really opened up some conversations that maybe I would never have had as a pastor and they’re coming and saying, ‘Can we talk to you?’”


— Father Kurt Boras, priest at the church Steve Grand attends in Illinois, discussing the impact of the out country singer’s career on his congregation with Huffington Post

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  • Polaro

    Step by step, we will overcome.

  • Ogre Magi

    Country music and Christianity two things that make me throw up

  • Dxley

    That’s what I call HOT. Don’t worry, Steve. I can stay with you all summer, under the covers and be your lover. You don’t have to look much further!

    Gawd, I love this man. A vision of perfection. Fuck haters!

  • MK Ultra

    Steve is cute and his music is bubbly.
    I’m sure he’ll make it big just as long as he never promotes ‘ex-gay therapy’ again.

  • Katbox

    @MK Ultra: Steve Grand was an EX-ex-gay? Hahahahahaha. Horrible music.

  • taobroin

    Yeah right – 1 gay country singer is going to change an organization dedicated to perfecting centuries of despicable abuse (never mind mass murder of the holy inquisition) by this Cult. Mhm.

  • wakeupscreaming

    Sad to see so many dumb Americans who don’t know the difference between Christians and Catholics. They ignoramusly lump the 2 together. And I’m talking about the commenters here, not Steve grand.

  • Gordon

    Not in that order, certainly!

  • Alton

    @wakeupscreaming: All Catholics are, by definition, Christians, and both labels have proven equally hateful to gay people, so what exactly is your point?

    Meanwhile, I’ll never understand any gay person who goes to church. Do black people go to KKK meetings?

  • royster

    tried to post this query on HuffPost, but after making me go through numerous steps to re-affirm my account there AND sign up for at least one “newsletter”….it still wouldn’t let me post. The article there suggests “he” has a new love interest; by “he” do they mean the singer himself (in real life) or the character/narrator/protagonist of the two videos, unrequited in ALL AMERICAN and requited in STAY? in other words, is the blond buzzcut in STAY his boo off-camera? anyone know?

  • 2eo

    @Alton: Sadly Alton, black people going to and supporting the KKK is the origin of the term “Uncle Tom” or a minority person who “knows their place” and sycophantically panders to those who hate them.

    Like gay Republican groups, literally the same.

  • Nikkidane

    I think Steve Grand will have a tremendous impact on the heterosexual community because he is good looking, talented, and straight acting. Those things don’t make people feel threatened by the ultra fem gay or ultra butch lesbian stereotype. Straight acting gays and lesbians generally get along fine in society. Sadly, it’s really the LGBT people who challenge gender stereotypes that make the public uncomfortable and are targeted for discrimination and hate crimes.
    Still, Steve Grand can help shatter the negative stereotype of gay men, which is start. It can start a conversation and debate about sexuality. The next step is for people to realize that people don’t have to pass as straight to be cool or a positive role model. I guess one step at a time.

  • Jackhoffsky

    @Nikkidane: you just didn’t seriously use the term “straight acting”… did you?

    He’s marketing for the Catholic church… nothing more. The whole concept of him is wrought with trying to sell the gay community something. And because he’s not making any money (from this) it was confusing at first. Why would someone do this? Now we know… it’s to bring Catholicism to the gay community – or the base minimum of Christianity. That’s fine. It’s a great way to market, honestly. It’s outside-the-box thinking, which I always like.

    But if there are going to be people commenting and trumping up something he is not, please try not be as lame as using the term “straight acting” or something as obvious as “start a conversation and debate”. And there is no “next step”. We ALREADY know people “don’t have to pass as straight to be cool”.

    Sp please, at the very least, try to write something not taken from the buzzword textbook circa 1993.

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