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Steve Grand opens up about his taste for leather

We didn’t know Steve Grand was fond of leather gear. Judging by his penchant for Speedos and jockstraps, it can be difficult to gauge how he likes to dress at all.

But now the truth comes out: Grand just opened up about his longstanding love of all things leather; even letting us know how old he was when he bought his very first pair of chaps.

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The musician’s new video for “Walking” includes footage of Grand in his leather fineries, so he decided to candidly tell his Instagram followers all about his fetish.

“A lot of you have been commenting on my leatherman get-up at the beginning of the ‘Walking’ video,” he writes.

“I do love my gear! I was glad to have @mrsleather help make this video happen, as I get all my favorite leather gear from them.’

I bought the chaps you see here when I was just 20, and they have held up amazingly. Seriously top notch! I highly recommend their leather gear!”

Watch the “Walking” vid below: