Steve Grand Says He Was Applauded For Telling His Church He Was Gay

Steve-Grand-57-1024x1535We need to learn to applaud the gradual changes. The church has been around for thousands of years. Like it or not, they’re gonna be here for a long time. One of the great ways to make a change is showing we’re just like everyone else and we love the same and we’re just as diverse as the straight community. By having more visibility within the church, that can only be a good thing. I certainly don’t support the church’s stance on gay issues as they are right now. They have a long way to go. But I think there’s a great power to being present — to having openly gay people in church and having the congregation witness and embrace. I got up in front of a congregation and said I was gay and I believed there was nothing wrong with that, and I was applauded for that. There’s a quiet majority that’s growing that wants to say, ‘Hey, these are our brothers and sisters too. Make sure we’re sending the message that all are welcome.’”



— Model-turned-musician Steve Grand answering Michael Musto’s question about the possibility of being a happy gay within the church

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  • fagburn

    Even talentless fools who think getting their Christian balls out will make gaybores care what they’re doing?
    BUY IT!

  • tdx3fan

    I have to agree and disagree. Grand is good at writing lyrics and music, but he is a horrible performer, and his tracks are very remastered (you can REALLY tell the difference between a live and recorded version). If he just stuck to writing music and taking his clothes off, he would be very talented.

  • litper

    Just don’t stop taking off your clothes and you’ll have my attention.

  • Dxley

    Trust @fagburn to be a dick!

  • DarkZephyr

    @fagburn: Does anybody on this planet even like you ONE- iota? I THINK I may have seen your pic elsewhere, and you are mildly cute but you are SUCH a GIANT effing DOUCHE that it utterly erases and obliterates any tiny drop of attractiveness that you have. What are you, a Perez Hilton wannabe? If you are trying to make some sort of witty point or commentary on gay culture, its definitely lost behind your pukey, venomous delivery that has you coming across as a bigger homophobe than BJ McFrisky.

  • pauleky

    Or, you know, you could stop believing myths and fairy tales and move into the 21st century.

  • sportsguy1983

    Is he still desperately trying to hold on to his fading 15 minutes of fame?

  • DarkZephyr

    @pauleky: his point is that whether we like it or not Christianity will be around for a long time to come and it will continue to have a massive impact on the world so instead of vainly hoping for its demise, we should do what we can to help those Christians who are pro gay work for change. And maybe we shouldn’t be snarky to Christian allies who are on our side. I think he has a point. Christianity has been around for 2000 years and hasn’t lost too much steam yet. I prefer to accept Christian allies and LGBT brothers and sisters who happen to be Christian and welcome the work they do to help us. So sure, he could “stop believing in myths and fairy tales” but the rest of Christiandom will still be there impacting the world for better or for worse.

  • DarkZephyr

    @pauleky: and by the way, the way you say “move into the 21st century” is a bit misleading since even in the 21st century most human beings on the planet believe in some sort of spirituality and the largest group of such people remains Christianity, followed closely by Islam. The average 21st century human being remains some sort of spiritual believer.

  • GlitterKidder

    Guess I have to give my membership card back… I have no idea who it is… No filth, just no idea.

  • Jonty Coppersmith


    I believe he is Roman Catholic, the one that I was trying to cling to until I finally got over it.

  • J.c.

    @DarkZephyr: Kudos! For telling fagburn what most of us are thinking!

  • Merv

    A church that doesn’t hate gay people? I’m not sure I get the point. Anti-gay hate has been the main unifying force of Christianity since at least the 1970s.

  • J.c.

    This a good to hear. Slowly one by one so much of the old propaganda against gays is being challenged and more and more people whose ignorance drove them to bigotry are being enlightened. My hat is off to this young man for having the courage to stand up to his Christian fellowship and be acknowledged. I am not Christian but I know they are a tough crowd most times.

  • BlogZilla

    This guy screams — SLUTTY! Not that that bothers me.

  • BlogZilla

    @fagburn: Says the ugly obese troll who probably looks like Igor and who only gets action by being in pitch dark rooms at bath houses, cause no one can see your ugly fat ass

  • Hermes

    @Merv: And honestly, the 1970s isn’t very far back. Further there have been significant groups within Christianity, particularly mainstream Christianity that supported gay rights for as long as I remember. Do not confuse the fundamentalists, who are a tiny fringe of the Christian faith with Christianity.

    @DarkZephyr — not as closely followed by Islam as you might think. The trick is pulled whereby all of Islam is compared to JUST Roman Catholicism. In which case your statement becomes absolutely true. All of Christianity however is almost twice the size of Roman Catholicism. Other than that, I agree with your entire posts.

    @Pauleky — I get that all those “myths” and whatever have harmed you – hurt you – and you want to hurt them back and those that follow them. I understand, but I also absolutely agree that such a perspective doesn’t really matter to most people and is counter productive. My son is an atheist, but after he got away from his mother (who is fundamentalist) he got used to and tolerate of his dad’s belief in EVERYTHING – including – Yes Paul – invisible Pink Unicorns. Jason says, and I think he’s right, that I’m harmless and Wicca (my faith) is harmless, but his mother’s faith is destructive. The short version is – don’t kick your allies.


  • Hermes

    @BlogZilla: He doesn’t look slutty to me, but different strokes.

  • startenout

    Thousands of years?

  • DarkZephyr

    @J.c.: Thanks!

    @Hermes: Interesting, and a very good point. Catholicism is of course the largest and oldest Christian sect, so I guess that is why they use it in that way.

    So, you are a Wiccan? Very nice. I am an Agnostic Theist personally, as while I am not sure what to believe, I find it difficult to just flat out say that there is absolutely nothing. You seem pretty mild mannered when it comes to Christians, not like the many Pagans I hung with in the 90s when I practiced Neo-Paganism. I remember the folks I hung out with just hated Christians to the core and would sing that “Burning Times” song with plenty of offensive language directed at Christianity. While I was never very pro-Christianity at the time, I also believed in treating others with respect, so I found the song annoying. lol

  • DarkZephyr

    @BlogZilla: What are you talking about, he “seems slutty”? Why, because he has no shirt on and looks hot? Who are you to try to sexually shame people? That is what homophobes do to US all the time! Why would you practice it on your gay brothers???

  • 2eo

    @fagburn: I figured you’d choose your words better after just over a week ago you, in these exact words said

    “The people advocating a boycott against Russia are the same as holocaust deniers” – Fagburn

    Not sure why you deleted the post when I drew attention to it.

    Lets also point out how this inconsistency doesn’t fit with how you lost your DJ job in Brighton in 2010 for a screaming fit of Anti-Semitism at an Israeli couple who came over to England for Brighton Pride.

    It’s almost like you’re a fucking idiot.

  • MargaretJordan

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  • tdx3fan

    @Cam: Actually, anyone that follows him at all knows that he is from Illinois. He resided in Chicago (and possibly still resides there). He also was born and raised a Catholic boy. In fact, he was a music director at a Catholic Church (the church he references) when his first video (American Boy) went viral. The beauty of Grand is that he writes lyrics that beyond anything else we will ever hear. The real beauty of his songs is that you need to listen to them at least ten times to get the actual picture of what is going on.

  • tdx3fan

    @DarkZephyr: Not to mention, this is a photo taken from his modeling days. He has quite a few more that show quite a bit more, but that is what models do… they take their clothes off and pose pretty for the camera.

  • DarkZephyr

    @tdx3fan: And he does it quite successfully. That man is gorgeous.

  • Merv

    @Hermes: Unfortunately, the fundamentalist “fringe” isn’t so tiny. Using young earth creationism as a marker for fundamentalism and church attendance as a marker for being a practicing Christian, between 55% and 67% of Christians in the US are fundamentalists ( If you’re talking about visibility in politics and popular culture, fundamentalists hold a near monopoly; they are the de facto spokesmen for Christianity. We shouldn’t close our eyes to the fact that this is the reality of 21st century American Christianity, nor should we blame gay people and non-Christians who choose not to deny it.

  • J.c.

    @J.c.: Excellent post!

  • J.c.

    He seems like a really nice kid and his music is very heart felt. He won’t appeal to the mainstream club queens or the fat bear types and their showtunes from the 1960s but he is a viable artist and I wish him well and do enjoy his music as one of my very diverse collection of music.

  • Billysees


    “…much of the old propaganda against gays is being challenged and more and more people whose ignorance drove them to bigotry are being enlightened. ”

    Good comment.
    Mr. Grand’s comment is the best of all.

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