Steve Grand Says He Was Applauded For Telling His Church He Was Gay

Steve-Grand-57-1024x1535We need to learn to applaud the gradual changes. The church has been around for thousands of years. Like it or not, they’re gonna be here for a long time. One of the great ways to make a change is showing we’re just like everyone else and we love the same and we’re just as diverse as the straight community. By having more visibility within the church, that can only be a good thing. I certainly don’t support the church’s stance on gay issues as they are right now. They have a long way to go. But I think there’s a great power to being present — to having openly gay people in church and having the congregation witness and embrace. I got up in front of a congregation and said I was gay and I believed there was nothing wrong with that, and I was applauded for that. There’s a quiet majority that’s growing that wants to say, ‘Hey, these are our brothers and sisters too. Make sure we’re sending the message that all are welcome.’”



— Model-turned-musician Steve Grand answering Michael Musto’s question about the possibility of being a happy gay within the church