Steve Grand Says His Ex-Gay Conversion Therapist Is A Good Man


The basic principle was that homosexuality is the result of unmet needs in early childhood and that if I was honest enough with myself and I was able to really see where these unmet needs happened and where my father didn’t pay enough attention to me and where I didn’t get enough affirmation as a man by another, older man, that I would be able to mourn the loss of that and then ultimately seek that affirmation on my own, and ultimately not be attracted to men. So that was like the idea there. That was the idea, to cure me of that. It wasn’t like Exodus — I wasn’t getting shocked.

I will never, ever, ever, ever speak poorly of my therapist. I haven’t spoken to him in a lotta years, um, but I love that man, and he’s a good man, and I would never say anything bad about him.”


— Model-singer Steve Grand discussing “straight therapy” he underwent (and it should be noted does not support) in a revealing interview with Boy Culture’s Matthew Rettenmund