Steve Grand shows off every angle of his jockstrap in sizzling Instagram story

It really is a mighty shame that Instagram stories only last for 24 hours, thus puncturing a hole in that oft-touted bit of Web lore: “The Internet is forever.”

If it were, we’d be able to watch Steve Grand strut around in a jock in perpetuity, ignoring those letters from the IRS and the increasingly frantic knocking from our roommates, losing our minds as we try astral projecting into that jockstrap, to understand how it feels to be that close to all things Steve and all things Grand.

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Instead, we’re here at our desk and decidedly earthbound, merely able to share a few stills from Grand’s latest stunt. Fortunately, the editors at Attitude went buck wild with the screenshot function, capturing some of the best moments from Steve’s story.

You’re encouraged to check those out here. If you find the thought of Grand in a jockstrap simply too hot to handle, be sure to check out some of his other, tamer Instagram moments below:

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