Steve Grand shows off every angle of his jockstrap in sizzling Instagram story

It really is a mighty shame that Instagram stories only last for 24 hours, thus puncturing a hole in that oft-touted bit of Web lore: “The Internet is forever.”

If it were, we’d be able to watch Steve Grand strut around in a jock in perpetuity, ignoring those letters from the IRS and the increasingly frantic knocking from our roommates, losing our minds as we try astral projecting into that jockstrap, to understand how it feels to be that close to all things Steve and all things Grand.

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Instead, we’re here at our desk and decidedly earthbound, merely able to share a few stills from Grand’s latest stunt. Fortunately, the editors at Attitude went buck wild with the screenshot function, capturing some of the best moments from Steve’s story.

You’re encouraged to check those out here. If you find the thought of Grand in a jockstrap simply too hot to handle, be sure to check out some of his other, tamer Instagram moments below:

New video and pics on my account. Only $5/month subscription :D

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  • ryantbo

    Been a fan of Steve’s since 1st heard All American Boy. I think his ego has gotten MUCH bigger but dam these pics just makes me want to run my hands all over that body!

    • Kieran

      Never mind his ego, if his pecs get any bigger we’ll have to get him a bra.

  • gravityyaoi

    Isn’t this the guy who wanted to be taken seriously for his music and not his body but now he has an onlyfans account???

    • Fakerobot12

      From what I’ve read, his onlyfans account is pretty much the same as his instagram.

      Dude looks older than 27 though- so worn out.

    • cftrainer4u

      Hmm… Have to pay the bills somehow. He might have some talent, but one still needs to be int he public eye.

  • Prax07

    Meh…not a fan of his music at all, and while his body is purtty he’s no different than any other social media obsessed guy that posts the exact same pics, or any guy around his age in porn. So Meh.

  • jd.cali

    Queerty is obviously working as this guys press agent. Every other day a story…. No offense to the guy but yawn already…

    • Bradsman

      Steve is an openly gay pop star. He could have had a potentially bigger career not coming out but he chose to be open. He’s a good singer! Of course a gay news site is going to write about him!
      And those who are criticizing his exhibitionism, have you seen what mainstream pop stars show nowadays? Plus, hello. He has a perfect body.

    • mhoffman953


      “He could have had a potentially bigger career not coming out but he chose to be open”

      I wouldn’t go that far, he’s not really talented enough. His career only exists because he’s a gay pop star. If he wasn’t gay, he wouldn’t have a career

    • Juanjo

      It is nice to know that Miss Hoffman has extensive background, knowledge, and expertise in so many different areas that her opinion on any subject can be accepted as fact regardless.

    • Brian

      Pop star. That is funny. He’s a pop star the same way Rebecca Black or Manila Luzon is a pop star. He’s a dime a dozen internet himbo that happens to record mediocre to bad music as his pretend “real” career. It’s just enough to separate himself a bit from the crowd of a million other guys who spend their days doing the exact same thing on Instagram, like Max Whathisface, Queerty’s other weird obsession.

  • Blackceo

    Who? I don’t even know who Steve Grand is or what kind of music he sings.

    • Paco

      Apparently he is some kind of gay social media “star” I guess?

  • Joseph

    This really cheapens him. There is only one part of him I haven’t seen yet, and I have seen the outline in DNA. He is young so gets a pass. but he would look so much nicer with some clothes on.

    • Josh447

      I agree. It would seem his music may not be enough to pay the bills so….. I think it’s an embarrassment for the gay community actually. If he has to take his pants off to get noticed, that also doesn’t say much for his music ability. He’s becoming over saturated with his bod pics, needs to mellow out back off the sex kick and put on some clothes. Typical sex addict behavior.

  • Prax07

    Saying he’s a good singer is entirely subjective. I don’t think he’s good, he’s not my genre so I have zero interest in him. Body wise yes, he’s hot, but also no different than a million other guys, so he’s not special in any way, again, subjective to my view. If I want to see anyone built exactly the same as him I just hit my pornhub app and at least those guys aren’t hypocritical about what they’re doing.

  • Dymension

    I thought he didn’t want to be objectified?

    • dean089

      I’m thinking maybe he doesn’t know what “objectified” means.

  • deppa

    I like him as a musician but is he a musician or an aspiring porn star? Every time I see adult males (gay or straight) pose like this, it reminds me of something a provocative 17 year old girl who is just exploring her sexuality and wants the world to know how sexy she is would do.

  • batesmotel

    I don’t get this guy. He’s a musician, but prances around nearly naked in a jock strap or a thong as if he’s a model. He obviously enjoys being worshipped and adored for his body. Yes he’s got an incredibly body. There’s no denying that. But so does half the world who also posts similar pics for validation. He’d probably be much more popular in the music industry if he focused as much on his music as he does on his body and posting pics of it. He seems like a nice gentle giant of a guy, but I don’t get his constant desire for feeding his ego over his body. It’s great we know that, but show us substance with it.

  • ElPillo

    Steve Grand is cute, he’s hot, and boring as a singer. There is really little as an artist here, more famous just because … who knows why. Reminds me of porn star Colton Ford trying hard (pun) to be taken seriously as a singer.

  • Donston

    He’s a pretty basic Instaqueer. But he hasn’t said or done anything to deserve resentment. Though yes, this site is non-stop with promoting him and only seem interested in doing so when he’s offering up nakedness.

    • Josh447

      He needs to dress sharper if he’s serious about getting dressed.

    • Donston

      I’m aware of his earlier comments. And yes, when you lean almost entirely on your looks to move you forward it’s pretty silly to then whine about people only caring about your looks and wanting to see you half-naked. However, I still believe he made some interesting points. Sex-driven, body obsessed and shallow yet mawkish and whiny gay-themed sites are omnipresent and don’t really help in progress. And I still don’t believe he deserves this much ire despite his hypocrisy. Copping an Onlyfans account is an obvious sign of desperation. Just leave him be.


    You poor benighted fools are so pitiably shallow for failing to recognisie the purely Revolutionary sociopolitical undergirding of this Grand High Art statement wherein his lime green Lycra-encased bulge is Fidelio leading by our very eyes our shackled libidos out of the bowels of a Stygian post-Trumpian prison..back up into the Light of psychosexual and spiritual manumission of the sort requiring the full intellectual calibrre of a Donston to properly elucidate, wherea alas I cannot.


      whereas, alas, I can not

  • Bopper1

    …let’s see…he’s cute and hunky and insists on prancing around in a jock strap…it seems like this would be a good problem…just sayin’…

  • QTYMann

    First of all, he was a model; did some nudes actually. As with most young people, he wanted to be known for more, but age changes your perspective. Secondly, it’s what the fans want, and you’re only young once; and alas, only for a short time…might a well make the most of it while it’s there. Thirdly, it does provide a side income (pics, calendars, etc.) which, again can only be exploited for so long. I, for one, will it back and enjoy him flaunting that beautiful bod as long as he wants to.

    • Brian

      Side income? I can guarantee you he’s making more off of his naked ass than he is off of his awful music.

  • QTYMann

    (Damn “s” on this keyboard…doesn’t always work.)

  • Buie

    It is embarrassing to read so many comments about Steve Grand, the catty bitter old queen and catty bitter young queenie remarks about his looks, and or his singing. His All American Boy music video has over 6 million hits on Youtube. It was a phenomenal success that presents a romantic, very positive image of gays, the very opposite of most of the comments here.

    • Jack Meoff

      Yes I have to agree Buie, It seems celebrities are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Queens generally tend to thirst for celebrities to be hot and likeable and also to show a little skin but the moment one does fill they tear him down for it. No pleasing some people. Makes me wonder if they would give him such a hard time if he were straight.

    • drelocks15

      What’s embarrassing is you thinking that anyone cares what you’re embarrassed about reading.

      Also do the various thong photos so prevalent on his Instagram present a “very positive image of gays”–since you’re so concerned about that?
      Something tells me that if he were unattractive or a woman, your panties would be all twisted.

    • Juanjo

      Most of the queens complaining about Steve Grand could not carry a tune in a bucket and if they appeared in public dressed like this people would throw stones at them. They are the Negative Nancies of the gay world. The bitchy queen who has a bitchy comment about anything and everything. There is one in every gay bar in any town in the USA.

  • tdh1980

    I fully endorse his decision to get naked, or at least as undressed as he wants to, because I don’t mind looking at his body in the least. How and ever, the next time he whines about not being taken seriously as an artist, I will call him out.

  • Bob LaBlah

    What is with these one-sided album covers these days of late? I reserve judgement until I see the other side of the album, if you get my drift. lol lol

  • thomas prentice

    Jeezuz. Enough of this guy. He could have had a music career but just wants to be a BRAND. This is the SAMESEDUCTIVE NEARLY PORN MODELING SHIT he was doing before his “country music” came to everyone’s attention. One more steroid-using OCD body builder. ENOUGH.


    Maybe if he wasn’t so perma-sweaty looking

  • daveinUK

    I want to like him I really do. But his songs are heavily mixed and pretty forgettable. If you need confirmation of this, every time he has a new song the story isn’t about the song , but how little clothing he wears in the video.

    He has a more than decent voice, but the reality is, the reason he hasn’t ” broken out” yet is you have to have music people will PAY money to hear. If I want to see hot nearly naked men I can do so without the over mixed musical accompaniment for free.

    Yes he is a very good looking guy., but I can’t help but think, if he put as much effort into his songs as he does his abs, he’d be a bigger success.

  • Rex Huskey

    professional homosexual

  • Bopper1

    …hey!…’suggesting that all the queenie, snarky, bitchy aesthetes here post a photo of themselves in a jockstrap and/or a video of themselves trying to carry a tune, then we’ll all decide who’s qualified to call out Mr. Grand…

    • Buie

      Yes! Thank you!

  • Notright

    Very nice! If you are looking to get a package like his then try . Let’s see some more photos though! Preferably without the strap in the way!

  • Mykey

    Pretty sure a lot of top guys where turned on by that pic, I sure was :)

  • Buie

    ALL AMERICAN BOY has had just under 7,000,000 hits. In many ways it was a “crossover” hit, in that people not gay watched it. There are way too many bitter broken down old queen remarks on here. Let’s see how well any of you catty queens can sing, and how you’ll looking singing naked, except for a narrow piece of blue cloth.

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