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This Week In Leaks: Steve Grand Shows The World Just How Hot He Is


Let the groan-inducing double entrendres begin.

“All-American Boy” artist Steve Grand took to Instagram to show the world that he’s been doing odd jobs around the house, particularly caulking. Yes, caulking. The people have a right to know.

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“Shooting this white stuff out of my big gun into every hole I can find,” he writes. “Possibly getting carried away, but it’s hard! not to get excited! I even got some in my hair and on my face.”

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Really hitting his stride, he continues: “I will have hopefully filled up every hole and crack in the structure so that no screaming… I mean singing… Can be heard from the outside.”

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In another post, he writes, “Now how am I suppose [sic] to find someone to love me with all this mysterious white stuff caked on me?!”

Oh, wait a second. We see what he just did there.