Steve Grand’s pinups, Doctor John’s tongue, & Charlie Taylor’s dye job

This week Jerry Falwell Jr.’s pool boy exposed his former boss, Ryan Phillippe talked going gay-for-pay, and Isaiah Washington let everyone know he’s still a homophobic asshole. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Charlie Taylor dyed his hair.

Titanius Maximus shopped online.

Steve Grand shot a calendar.

Bruno Duarte hit the gym.

Derrick Gordon got comfortable.

Laith Ashley raised awareness.

David Mcintosh hiked his shorts.

Thomas Doherty stayed safe.

Luke Evans walked the coast.

Doctor John gave tongue.

Thom Evans posed.

Adam Lambert took his man to Mexico.

Bruno Alcantara laid on the bed.

Johnny Sibilly wore pink.

Alex Pettyfer hitched a ride.

Yona Knight-Wisdom stretched.

Andrew Morrill struggled with his shirt.

Stacey Ervin Jr. got through Monday.

Ricky Martin got ready.

And Chris Hemsworth moved a tire.