Steve Hildebrand: Cowardly Democrats ‘Should Be Punished’

The Democratic strategy right now is to run from the president, run from important proposals that help this country. If we’re not going to do something about health care, if we’re not going to do something about climate change, if we’re not going to do something about the economy, about the deficit, about the war, Washington is going to get punished. The Democrats might get punished more because they’re in power, but Washington in general is going to get punished. And you’ve seen it in Republican primaries across the country. You’ve seen it in Democratic primaries across the country. And you’re going to see it with a lot of just pure incumbents from both parties in November. They’re getting punished because they’re not dealing with the issues. They’re not dealing with the real problems that we face as a country. And they should be punished. Stand up and lead or get out of the way. And you might be replaced with someone worse, but you know, those are the options that are sometimes given to people.

—Steve Hildebrand, Obama’s gay former deputy campaign chairman who flip-flops between supporting and attacking his old boss, on why the Democrats might just deserve to lose control of Congress [via]

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  • John (CA)

    The Democrats aren’t running from the President.

    They are running with the President – the cowardly lion himself – at the head of the pack.

  • the crustybastard

    And you might be replaced with someone worse, but you know, those are the options that are sometimes given to people.

    Yeah. “Those are the options given to people” because partisan “strategists” like you spent your life manipulating the political and legal system to gradually narrow the choices of the American electorate to either (a) conservative Christian corporatists, or (b) fundamentalist Christian mercantilists.

    These contests aren’t DNC v. RNC — they’re political corporations v. the public.

  • William

    Yeah, it would be so great if the Tea Party Republicans gained control of Congress. We all know how much they love the gays and have thrown their support of gay rights, not!

    The best way to punish idiot Dems was to support their more progressive challengers in the primaries!!

    It’s absolutely stupid to help get GOP/Tea Party candidates elected who do mean gays harm.

    Yeah, the Dems are weak but they are malicious against gays.

    People forget that things can get worse. The limited rights you have today can be taken away.

  • Cam

    Actually when it came to DADT, Obama was the run running and Pelosi was the one chasing him down.

  • FYI

    @William: Who wrote: “Yeah, the Dems are weak but they are malicious against gays.” I imagine you meant “aren’t malicious against gays”. I make type-Os all the type, so I read your remarks in context.

    With that being said, I must disagree with you.

    The Dems maliciously gave us DADT in the early 90s when they were in control of both houses of congress and had the presidency. They also collaborated with the Repugs after that adulterous hypocrite Newt Gingrich grabbed control of Congress with his fatuous “Contract With (on) America” BS during the midterms of Conserva-Dem Bill Clinton’s first term and, as Clinton bragged about on Christian Radio, got his willing cooperation in signing DOMA.

    No malicious Democrats? Hmmmmmm… Really?

    No, they only hurt us for our own good.

  • WillBFair

    @FYI: Dadt was the best compromise Clinton could get at the time. He started in office with one of our issues, but military opinion was strongly against it, as public opinion was for doma. But I forget, public opinion and political realities don’t register in the far left’s dream world.
    Of course we can always find fault with others. But the point William makes is valid. The dems are much better than the repubs. Period. That’s too obvious. It’s shocking that this Hildebrand person doesn’t understand. And he is supposed to be one of our leaders? Please. With leaders like that, who needs enemies?

  • WillBFair

    @William: Thank you. Your point is well taken. The dems are better than the repubs. Period. It’s shocking that this Hildebrand person doesn’t understand something so obvious. And he is supposed to be one of our leaders? Please. With leaders like that, who needs enemies.

  • DR

    Hildebrand got it in one. Put up or shut up. Plain and simple. Enough with the boogeyman scare tactics. We either expect something of merit from our leaders and hold them to it, or we don’t vote for them.

    Yes, it’s that simple. I’m over the kicked dog and abused spouse syndrome.

  • Brutus

    Misleading headline — if you read the actual quote, he’s talking about Washington in general, with a disproportionate impact on Democrats because they happen to be the “majority” right now, for all the good that does with the filibuster and the 50-state strategy.

    The Republicans are nominating people like CHRISTINE O’DONNELL and CARL PALADINO. There is NO WAY in HELL I am going to just sit back and let people like THAT take over. This whole country has been sliding toward conservatism since the 1960s, but they are going to have to drag me kicking and screaming.

  • jason

    The Democrats have harmed the GLBT community by failing to deliver on their promises. They’ve treated us as the politically useful pity class, pretending to improve our rights but only truly interested in winning our votes. Democrats are pathetic.

  • jason

    The Dems might be better than the Repubs but the difference isn’t that great. They might be 10% better, for instance. It doesn’t merit us giving them 75% of our vote as we did in the last Presidential election.

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