The Wackiest Campaign Ever!

Stephen Colbert For President?

Comedy Central comedian Stephen Colbert used his eponymous Report to announce his candidacy for president last night. In South Carolina, at least. While it may sound like a big punchline, Colbert seems serious. Via The New York Times:

Joe Werner, executive director of the South Carolina Democratic Party, said that a representative for Mr. Colbert, who was raised in Charleston, called three weeks ago to request basic information about filing dates and other requirements. Mr. Werner added, “From what I understand, he does have credible people down here, working to have him placed on the ballot.”

Colbert also reportedly put feelers out through the Republican party. And they don’t seem to think it’s funny. Says Katon Dawson of South Carolina’s GOP: “My advice is that he could probably have more fun buying a sports car and getting a girlfriend.’’ Guess they didn’t build a rapport.