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Steven Monjeza Split With Tiwonge Chimbalanga To Marry … a Prostitute?

We’ve been wondering aloud about who this girl is who managed to “come between” Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, Malawi’s most famous queer couple. Monjeza supposedly left his partner for a 24-year-old woman named Dorothy.

First of all: Dorothy? Really? That’s the name of the woman who’s stealing away a gay man? Loves it.

Second of all: This reporter has learned the identity of this Dorothy gal, and she’s been identified as a prostitute who cruises the local bars. Which is where she met Monjeza, apparently, because he’s been dubbed an alcoholic. And it’s that drinking that put at risk a donation from politician Sudi Adak Sulaiman — once accused of staging a coup to overthrow the government(!) — who wanted to pay for the wedding of Monjeza and Dorothy, but found Monjeza drunk at him home when he visited.

So we’ve gone from Monjeza wanting to marry another biological man, which his family and neighbors couldn’t believe, to everyone getting excited about him marrying a local hooker, which everyone is thrilled about. Awesome.