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Steven Slater Is America’s New Miss Manners

I think it’s because he’s hit three things in the zeitgeist. First, Steven’s situation touched on something we all understand. We all talk about unemployment and how it’s hurt people, but it’s also affected those still in the work force. Those people are working harder for less money. Everyone is stressed, squeezed, and we all share and understand that. We all understand how hard we’re working and how we don’t seem to be getting ahead or being able to pay our bills. And we’re all still worried for our jobs. It also touched on the lack of basic manners and decency in society. When people yell out during State of the Union and congressional things — they yell, “Liar” — we’re looking at a loss of basic civility and manners. And that troubles a lot of people. They’re concerned about that loss. Then, of course, there’s the whole airline experience today. Steven said to me, “I used to supply Chateaubriand for people going to Europe on TWA, and now I throw a bag of Cheetos at someone who can’t be bothered to take a shower before they get on an airplane.” He captured those things in the zeitgeist and epitomized those things. He started a really interesting dialogue in society, and I think it’s a healthy dialogue.

—Publicist Howard Bragman, explaining why his new client Steven Slater is beloved by America [via]

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  • Tessie Tura

    I know he’s something of a douchetta, but I can’t be the only person on this planet who thinks that Howard Bragman’s hot.

  • Drake

    His action risked killing someone on the ground, or causing an explosion between aircraft. Yes, in a slapstick way, it was humorous. But he demonstrated that he does not have the “cool” to be in a stressful job, especially one in which lives are at stake. The facts that the airlines are ripping us off and that many passengers are obnoxious does not give him a pass to disregard his responsibility for safety of all, including himself.

  • Jaroslaw

    Drake – as I said on another post, the airline spokesman said (and this is almost a verbatim quote): at no time were the passengers, crew or ground personnel in danger.

    Yeah, I know the airline said it cost 50k or something, but you know what? Management makes bad decisions that cost the companies money all the time and they are seldom if ever held accountable. It’s only the little guy.

    I think Steven took the extreme approach, and until I hear from an airline engineer, I will take the spokesman at his word and say no on ewas in danger, but I definitely agree that this is a healthy dialogue to have, long overdue for all the reasons mentioned above.

  • John D

    “I used to supply Chateaubriand for people going to Europe…”

    Oh the indignity of having to actually acknowledge the peons who fly coach. Is Slater suggesting he was somehow entitled to only work first class? Oh, the meanies at Jet Blue who sent him into the belly of the beast to fling Cheetos at economy class.

    I might feel sorry for him if I didn’t invariably fly coach. Great, now I know the stews hold me in contempt when before I just suspected it.

  • Swimmer - Chicago

    Please let this clown’s 15 minutes be over…..

  • Jaroslaw

    John- include the rest of the quote -…. to someone who couldn’t be bothered to take a shower….

  • anonymous

    By the time this is all over I do hope the judge in this case makes this queen wish she had simply quit a job she obviously was burnt out on.

    Nearly EVERY passenger interviewed on that flight said our queen had a very nasty attitude from the time they got on the flight. Several are also saying they noticed the bruise on his forehead before the luggage battle began.

    I am not in her corner. You do not put ground crew and other passengers safety in limbo just because you do not like your job. He pops an emergence chute having no idea who was near the plane on the ground? He needed to be sent to jail. Imagine if a hearing imparied person had seen what he did and panicked and followed him down the chute? His actions all point to being under the influence of something before it all began and by supporting her you all are encouraging another borderline idiot to top what he did.

  • biguy

    It really speaks poorly of society when this douchebag becomes a quasi-celebrity and news staple for throwing a fit on a plane when he was working.

  • Joey

    @Drake: Oh, give it a break. He’s trained for years to look out the airplane door before deploying an emergency chute. Human nature assures me that he did and later his attorney said that Steven had. NOTHING about this story “endangered human lives.” I think this line of crap is coming from those folks that are pissed that Steven broke the rules and just might get ahead in life on account of it. I say, You Go Boy!

  • Jaroslaw

    #7 Anonymous – every passenger interviewed said he was nasty– hmmm. who selected who was interviewed? How many out interviewed out of how many total? What settings did the interviews take place? You know if it started off negative and everyone chimed in, dissenting views (that he was neutral or nice) are often repressed by either the media or the person himself who doesn’t want to “rock the boat.”

    News often, if not usually is about lighting fires under people to get them riled up enough or interested enough to watch or read about the story. The media are not necessarily interested in being fair. Sometimes not even truthful.

  • ricky lee

    No snide remark that Slater is giving gays a bad name by being a flight attendant? Queerty is losing it’s mean and bitchy edge! (insert sarcasm)

  • I_dunnobut

    I think this guy is Tammy Faye Baker in short hair without the makeup… Does anyone else see the resemblance?

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