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Steven Slater’s Boyfriend’s Brother Burglarizes Them During JetBlue Hero’s Court Date?

On the one hand, celebrity flight attendant Steven Slater had a great Tuesday: he managed to avoid jail time yesterday by pleading guilty and agreeing to complete a mental health counseling program. On the other hand, while he was before a judge the drug-addicted brother of his boyfriend Ken Rochelle — whom Steven was in bed with when the police came for him — allegedly burglarized his Queens apartment while he was out. When Steven and Ken got home from court, they noticed a missing laptop and microwave. Ken told cops it was “probably my brother” Jonathan Rochelle, who lives two blocks away.

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  • Cam

    So wait, he was in bed with his boyfriend or with his boyfriends brother?

  • Jack

    When did ‘burglarized’ become a word? It’s ‘burgled’…

  • scott ny'er

    man, that’s messed up.

  • Michael

    So, the mental thing had some truth to it. Beats me what this guy plans to do for a living. A free place to stay and three meals a day for seven years makes jail sound like a viable choice.

  • Dennis

    why does the dude in this photo look like ben harvey? haha :)

  • Daez

    @Michael: Reality television like all these other hacks that aren’t worth the 15 minutes of fame that people rush to give them.

    American priorities are so fucked up: If someone is working their ass off to teach our kids in school and actually manages to get the vast majority of their class to get ahead in life we give them $27,000 a year. If someone quits their job, throws a bitch fit, and manages to degrade the image of gay men everywhere we worship him.

  • Henry Holland

    “hero”? I think the words you were looking for were “total asshole with mental problems”. He lied about why he freaked out on the plane (no witness would corroborate his story), could have caused chaos with his exit slide shenanigans and he’s proven himself to be mentally unstable since.

    Tick tick tick 14:59:59 tick tick tick tick

  • B

    Hint to QUEERTY: if you don’t want to risk a libel suit, you should avoid headlines like the one at the start of this article: Slater’s boyfriend apparently said the burglar was probably his brother. At this point, nobody has any evidence that this brother, who may be dubious character, had anything to do with this crime. It’s not like he was found with the laptop in his apartment, or even a receipt for a laptop from a pawn shop.

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