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Stew was out promoting “peace” in Boston, and now Twitter’s in love

Over the weekend, Boston showed the nation how it’s done. About 100 people showed up for a so-called “free speech rally” (a.k.a. a rally of Trump supporters), and were dwarfed by the thousands of counter-protesters taking a stand against hate.

One of those counter-protesters was Drew Stew.

Drew Stew popped up in a Tweet:

“Drew from Boston came out today to ‘promote peace and get rid of the bigotry… same as everyone else here,” read the caption from @andrewkimmel_.

And just like that, Drew Stew made a LOT of new friends online:

And with the hive mind engaged, Drew Stew was bound to pop up again:

But something was amiss.


We’ll give you a moment to process this news.

At what point does this get a tad creepy? Are we there yet?

How about now?

Drew Stew’s identity was finally revealed, and the world braced for impact.

Luckily he seems to be taking the attention in stride:

Bye for now, Drew Stew.

h/t UnicornBooty

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