“Stiffed” Lesbian Waitress Called “Pathological Liar” By Friends And Coworkers

dayna-moralesDayna Morales, the New Jersey waitress and former U.S. Marine who garnered national headlines after she insisted a family stiffed her last week because she’s lesbian, allegedly has a long history of telling whoppers to get attention and sympathy, including reports that she claimed to be suffering from brain cancer and her home had been damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

Since the family who allegedly stiffed the server at the Gallop Asian Bistro in Bridgewater, NJ have produced a receipt they claim proves they left a gratuity and they aren’t responsible for the offensive note for Morales, media attention has focused on who to believe. Morales’ friends and coworkers eventually ratted out her many past indiscretions to the Journal News.

When Morales worked at a day care center she told her fellow workers that Superstorm Sandy sent a boat through the living room of her home. Yet when they went by her house to see for themselves, they noticed only minor damage to the carpet by her front door and no signs of a boat.

A coworker named Julie Howat said that Morales felt she needed to be a part of every tragedy that happened. “Every story she comes up with has a lie,” Howat revealed. “She needed sympathy and empathy.”

Karolee Larkin, a former classmate who also worked alongside Morales at the day care center agreed. “You can’t believe much of what she says,” Larkin said.

Also called into question is the extent of Morales’ military service.

Morales allegedly told people she had not only served in Afghanistan, but that she was the sole survivor of an explosion that wiped out her entire platoon. Whoa! Someone obviously forgot how easy it would be to expose that kind of fib.

The Journal News contacted a Marines spokesperson who confirmed Morales served four years in the U.S. Marines but there was “no indication of combat service in Iraq or Afghanistan.”

As for the matter of the missing gratuity and note that ignited the firestorm, Gallop Asian Bistro manager Byron Lapola said he’s still investigating what happened and that Morales was “currently not on the schedule” to work.

When Morales was confronted by NBC following the initial report of the incident, she claimed she planned to donate the thousands of dollars she received in sympathy to the Wounded Warrior Project, a not-for-profit providing programs and services to members of the armed forces severely injured in the line of duty. Now it appears this charitable act will also require an investigation.

H/t: Gawker