Stonewall 2010: The Gays Rally Outside Famed Gay Bar Protesting Bathroom Gay Bashing

That gay bashing at NYC’s The Stonewall Inn has turned in to exactly what you’d expect: A rallying cry, more than four decades after the initial Stonewall riots, that our community is still facing threats just for being. Now if you’ll excuse this Blair Blanchard fella interviewed in the clip above — who says “The more attention gay people get in the media, the more violence there is against gays on the streets” — who mistakes “visibility” with “more reporting of actual attacks.”

Last night outside Stonewall, dozens gathered to protest the violence against 34-year-old Benjamin Carver, who was allegedly attacked by suspects Matthew Francis and Christopher Orlando. They are now being investigated on hate crime charges.

Says Carver on Facebook: “We must be better than these bullies, I forgave these men immediately. What I hope is that these men are given help to understand that all human life is precious and that violence is never acceptable.”