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Stonewall Inn’s Accused Gay Basher Matthew Francis Now Charged With Assaulting Homeless Man + Cops

Because douchebags will forever be douchebags, Matthew Francis — the 21-year-old Staten Island man who refused to apologize for allegedly gay bashing Benjamin Carver in Manhattan’s Stonewall Inn bathroom — was picked up by police Monday on new charges … of assaulting a homeless man and two cops. Free on $10k bail, Francis and fellow suspect Lattea Tate, 19, were allegedly selling drugs to the victim and ended up assaulting him instead. Cops picked up the intoxicated pair a few minutes later, where Francis proceeded to kick an officer after refusing to be handcuffed (he was pepper sprayed for it) and later punched an officer at the station, according to a police report. While Tate was RORd, Francis was held on $50k bail on assault, harassment and resisting arrest charges.

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