Stop Bullying Right Now, Young Ones

Look at those guppies, aren’t they sweet? Maybe, but the way things have been going around this place, we’re more inclined to label them as cold-blooded killers. But are such monsters born or made? We may never know, but we can certainly do something to stop it.

Given that America’s school system looks more like a war zone than a place of edification, there’s no better time that now for the White House to address bullying. And that’s exactly what they’ll do next week when officials participate in a conference on school violence. As the date approaches The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) has implored leaders to address the matter of homophobic taunts, especially considering that such harassment may have contributed to the school shooting in Wisconsin last week. 365 Gay reports:

According to court papers filed by the prosecutor Hainstock told police after he was taken into custody that students regularly bullied him – calling him “fag” and “faggot” and rubbed up against him.

The documents say that the teenager told police he was so frustrated that Klang and teachers would do nothing to stop the harassment he decided to arm himself.

Kevin Jennings
, executive director of GLSEN, says:

For the sake of our youth and our education system, we need to focus on prevention as well as policing and do all we can to make sure students are safe from bullying, harassment and violence in schools.

While this conference has been a long time coming, we are cautiously optimistic that the President will convene a group that understands the scope of the problem in schools today and is not being organized simply to look good in an election year.

Hmmm, maybe we’re just cynical bitches, but we’re sure this is not a case of coincidence. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if Bushie and his goons organized the recent rash of school shootings, the most recent of which took place in an Amish community.

Yes, bullying’s undoubtedly a problem: GLSEN reports that 65% of kids have been harassed for a variety of reasons in 2005. But, then again, kids have been the world’s cruelest creatures since the beginning of time, so it seems to us it’s less an issue of stopping bullying, but looking into why kids have suddenly started turning their frustration into violence. We used to just cry and run away, but now kids are turning into fucking rambos. Our first suggestion: stop making it so easy for people to get guns!

For more on GLSEN, check out their website: GLSEN