Hangin' W/ Mr. Cooper

Stop Inviting Anderson Cooper on Ellen Until That WASP Starts Dancing

When he showed up on Ellen DeGeneres‘ show in March, Anderson Cooper looked ‘a fool when he refused to dance his way onto the stage — as is customary on Ms. DeGeneres’ show. So when he popped up on Ellen this week to talk about anti-gay bullying in schools, we thought maybe, just maybe, he’d prove that eventually the rhythm is gonna’ get you. Did it work?

Anderson Cooper: FAIL.

Even with Lady Gaga‘s “Just Dance” playing, The Coop is not shaking them hips. This is a man who swims with sharks! At least he admits: “I’m a loser … that’s how I roll. … I was born a WASP, we were taught, like, to suppress our emotions and feel bad about them.” Um? So. True.

But, a promise: On Ellen’s 2000th episode, HE WILL DANCE.

Dance, monkey! Dance!