Stop Reading Andrew Sullivan. Start Reading Glenn Greenwald


Homosexual blogger Andrew Sullivan, who makes good money writing books and opinion-y things, volunteered to become a foe of new media — and, generally, anyone currently hunting for a job — by announcing his disdain for journalist types who want to earn money from their work. “I don’t think it is that terrible a thing if most journalists start earning less money,” wrote Sullivan on his blog, for which he gets paid. Quite nicely. “I wrote this blog daily for years for nothing because I love what I do. I’ve been really, really lucky to have landed at the Atlantic but the dirty secret is that I’d do this because I want to know more about the world and bring that information to as many people as possible, to advance those causes I believe are just and expose those lies that I think need exposing. And to have a great time. That this opportunity is now available for countless more people than ever before does indeed make this period not one of media decline but of media renaissance. From the tweets of revolutionaries to the testimonies of women who have had late term abortions, the potential for understanding more and deeper and better is real.”

And it is with this scribble that Mr. Sullivan officially vacated himself from being “one of us” and became “one of them.”

Sullivan, who earns a very comfortable living, is HIV positive and has the good fortune of being able to afford, through his journalism career, whatever drug cocktail and health care plan it is that keeps him healthy. It is through that prism he can make this declaration about what’s good for the working man — in this case, the journalist. It is also from Sullivan’s perch of comfort that he has lost any identity of being someone who must struggle and claw to earn a living.


For the rest of you in a similar position? He’s fine with you earning less. Here’s your chance to be one of the “revolutionaries,” your ability to feed your family be damned.

In the meantime, might we suggest the excellent work of fellow gay blogger Glenn Greenwald, who is exponentially more humble and offers the sort of genuine media analysis Mr. Sullivan can only crib from. Mr. Greenwald, meanwhile, is not as fortunate as Sullivan to copy/paste all day long, and actually understands real journalism costs money.

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