Stop what you’re doing and check out this psychedelic children’s cartoon with Cher

Last week it was announced that Cher would lend her voice to an episode of Home: Adventures of Tip and Oh.

The Hollywood Reporter spilled all the tea:

The iconic singer is voicing a role on…Netflix‘s adaptation of the feature film that hails from DreamWorks Animation TV. She will also sing on the episode.

Cher will play a new character, Chercophonie, the biggest rock diva in Boovsland. Chercophonie is an innovative, avant-garde GirlBoy Boov known for her dissonant music and outrageous fashion sense. She’s elusive and mysterious and so enormously popular that the only way she can go out in public is in disguise.

In the episode, Tip becomes a Boov rock star due to her awful guitar playing and a little mentorship from Boovland’s biggest rock Diva, Chercophonie. But when Tip’s playing begins to improve, she risks losing her fans who hate her “new” sound. With help from Oh, Tip learns that fame is meaningless if your heart isn’t “in” what you’re being celebrated for.

Meanwhile, Chercophonie harbors a personal secret that no one knows (not yet, anyway): Becoming an intergalactic rock star was her fallback plan — her true desire is a mysterious talent that is brought back to life when Chercophonie is inspired by Tip.

Along with the announcement, Netflix released this teaser of the show’s titular characters meeting Chercophonie:

But it’s this psychedelic song clip shared by the Cher Brasil Facebook page that is causing minds to melt across the web (you may need to tap the speaker icon to turn on the sound):