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‘Str8 curious’ Grindr user charged with hate crime after assaulting man he met via app

Daniel Andrew McGee
Daniel Andrew McGee (Photo: Lane County Jail)

The Department of Justice has charged an Oregon man with a hate crime after he attacked a man he met on Grindr.

Daniel Andrew McGee, 22, of Springfield, met his victim via the gay dating app. McGee adopted the user name ‘str8 curious’.

They arranged to meet on July 5. However, once McGee turned up at the man’s house, prosecutors say he set about his host with a wooden club. He beat him for several minutes despite his victim begging him to stop.

An anonymous caller contacted Eugene Police and informed them they heard someone screaming for help.

Cops turned up and found the unidentified victim covered in blood. According to court documents, McGee told the police he went to the house, “because he knew that demons would be there” and his nightmares informed him he needed to kill the man.

He told them he’d struck the man with a tire thumper (a tool used by truck drivers to check pressure), and that he wanted to “slay” him and “get rid of him.”

A bag McGee brought with him to the house was found to contain a kitchen knife, a folding knife, a bottle of Comet cleaner, a portable vacuum, and a large roll of trash bags.

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According to a DOJ press release, “The victim sustained life-threatening injuries and was transported to a local hospital.” Local press reported he had multiple wounds and a section of his skull was missing.

“Further investigation revealed that, in the weeks leading up to the attack, McGee used the internet to search for and view graphically violent anti-gay material, including videos of anti-gay attacks,” says the DOJ.

“McGee also used the internet to plan the assault, purchasing the weapon and other materials online. In addition, McGee searched online for suggestions about how to get away with murder and how murderers avoid getting caught.”

McGee was arrested by the FBI on Monday and made his first appearance in U.S. District Court yesterday.

McGee’s father said his son has autism. He told police he was worried about his son’s mental health as he’d been off and on medications.

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“This was an attempted murder,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Gavin Bruce said at yesterday’s hearing. “And I don’t use the word ‘murder’ lightly. This was a heinous and brutal attack on the victim, and looking at the nature and circumstances of the crime, it was premeditated in a way that is chilling.”

McGee was detained in custody and will undergo evaluation at the Oregon State Hospital to determine if he’s fit to stand trial.