‘Straight Acting’ Erik Doesn’t Care If You Belittle Him. But Will You Find Him a Date Already?

After more than 100 mostly critical comments of “straight acting” Erik (a superlative we use because his YouTube username is “StraightActingGayGuy”) left on a post where we tried to find the sexually frustrated and perpetually single college sophomore a date, and another 100-plus comments left on a post where Jay Leffew came to Erik’s defense, comes Erik’s own response. Aimed DIRECTLY AT YOU.

You criticized his looks. You criticized his confidence. You criticized him for describing himself as straight-acting, because that was an affront to feminine gays, or something.

Well he’s not going to take it sitting down. Errr, he is sitting down? Okay, he’s not going to stay it standing up. And we’re crushing on him for it.

Meanwhile, he’s already generating the YouTube support base: