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Straight Acting Erik Finally Got Some!

ZOMG, nobody is more pleased to hear Straight Acting Erik got laid than us. We put the entire power of this website trying to get Erik off (or at least, get him a date) when he vlogged about all his pent up sexual tension. But he did it on his own! And it was quite nice, he reports back.

“I’m just happy to report that I’m not as frustrated as I was,” says Erik, whose gay sex history is, by his own admission, not so great. But he finally found out what he likes when it comes to the S-E-X. For now we’re fine with Erik leaving out the key details (namely, what he likes), but this better become the YouTube equivalent of a scripted Cinemax after-hours program shortly or we’re unsubscribing.

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  • Jason

    “Straigt Acting” is a term that is repulsive and boxes queers into a heteronormative ideology.

    Gay sex is probably the LEAST “straight acting” activity one can engage in.

    Get a clue and get a life Erik.

  • Jason

    And I forgot…

    Hey Erik, YOU ARE GAY AS HELL!

  • Chris

    Good for him. And thanks for not being too detailed, that leaves some dignity, even with this topic.

  • Henry Holland

    The only thing straight about Erik is his haircut, which looks like someone took a cereal bowl, put it on his head and chopped away.

    Good for him, though.

  • Jason

    There are plenty of queers with awful haircuts.

    The Marine Corps is FULL of them.

  • terrwill

    Am 100% certain he is not a bottom………….(till that first finger works its way in……………. : p)

  • Fitz

    Was he straight acting as his mouth was going over a guy’s cock? What a pathetic and homophobic term. If I drove by and saw him being bashed, I would change the radio station.

  • Erik

    Oh you got that right Jason, I am totally gay as hell. I absolutely love being gay. A lot of guys have had problems with being gay, but I’ve always accepted it and been positive from about the time I realized I liked dudes.

  • Derrick

    You guys have a lot of growing up to do. Yes, straight acting is an offensive term. Cry me a fucking river, he’s explained why he chose that name.

    And why devolve the discussion to petty shit like his haircut or whether he’s a top or bottom. Why can’t we just be happy for him? Jesus, you people are worse than a knitting circle.

    Way to go, Erik. Thanks for sharing these parts of your life with us.

  • tazz

    I couldn’t give two shits about “Erik” or his sexual experiences with the man he probably met on Craigslist.

    The term “Straight-Acting” is only used by self-loathing, insecure douchbags who will probably one day crawl their way into a ministry and become an “ex-gay”, preaching about the horrors of once being an openly-gay person.


    I know why he chose the name, he chose the name because he doesn’t feel he fits into the stereotype of a typical gay male, but what this idiot doesn’t realize is by self-ascribing the term to himself he just perpetuates the stereotype he’s trying to avoid. What next, black males claiming to be “white acting” because they wouldn’t want to be labeled as uneducated, angry people who steal cars?

  • Hilarious

    I’d take a “straight acting” guy over a room full of catty stereotypes any day of the week.

  • j

    @tazz: Lolls that’s not why he chose it. Nice one mate, you look dead smart now.

  • Kieran

    Don’t take it personally Erik, it’s just that some gay men have no other way of expressing themselves then by being bitchy–especially towards a gay “straight-acting” man they suspect (no doubt correctly) would never ever ever in a million years have sex with them. It’s most likely some automatic defense mechanism they’ve developed over the years. Reject before being rejected.

  • Erik

    Oh, I don’t take those comments personally. Everyone’s free to say what they want, think, or feel.

    I have heard before that some gay guys have developed the defense mechanism where they reject before being rejected. The thing is is that I don’t really reject people, I am quite open-minded and kind.


  • tazz

    Yes Kieran you hit the nail on the head, trying to tell someone not to perpetuate a stereotype is really telling them you’re jealous you can’t have sex with them.

    Anyways I’m off to watch some football at the bar (you know, to meet my daily quota of “Straight Acting”, wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m some gay guy who watches Dancing with the Stars

  • tazz


    “I have heard before that some gay guys have developed the defense mechanism where they reject before being rejected”

    Don’t you get it? This has nothing to do with some sort of “early life rejection” – Let me put it like this, what would you say if an educated black guy who’s never been trouble with the law started calling himself “WhiteActingErik”?

  • Erik


    I’m nothing but a nice, caring guy, who tries to help people out through my Youtube. I hear your argument about the phrase. I’ve said before that the term is not something I generally use.

    I’m aware of the implications of the term, and I’ve explained before why I choose to use it.

    I can tell you I’ve done far more good with my Youtube channel than I have done bad. I’m sorry the term is offensive to you.

  • tazz

    You can be a “nice, caring guy” and still cause more harm than good…just because someone’s intentions are positive doesn’t mean their actions are innately ‘progressive’

    This all gives credence to the fact that you couldn’t directly answer my question, all you could say is “well I’m not using it negatively” – well what if WhiteActingErik was using that term for the same reasons as yourself, would you consider it wrong?

  • Erik

    Honestly, I wouldn’t care if a black person wanted to call himself white acting.

    I know my Youtube channel has helped many people out; I’ve received many message from people telling me so. Not to mention it’s helped me out.

    You can write me all you want about how you feel about the term and why I should not have used it. That’s fine. I can’t change my Youtube name. I’ve heard all the arguments before. I’ve addressed them in a video. There is not much else I can do in regards to the term.

    I’ll just continue making my video. If people don’t like the term and are not able to look past that and hear what I have to say. Hey, they don’t have to watch my videos.

  • Lucius vorenus

    It is clear to me that this kid is depressed. These videos are his way of saying: “please help me”. He wants care and attention.

    He talks in a monotone, hardly ever smiles, talks about love and sex in a passionless way, as if he were preparing a grocery list.

    Erik is not happy. There is something missing here.

  • jeffree

    Erik: ignore the haters. You have been quite articulate in explaining yourself & what you are looking for.

    Hurting people try to hurt other people.
    I’m ashamed –sort of– to say that I learned that phrase from Oprah!

    No matter what people may say, your life is your own; let other people stew in their own ugly broth while you discover your own path. Yes, you will make some errors (everyone does) but learn from them and move forward. Sounds trite 4 me 2 say that, yep, I know, but those people who critique you don’t know any more than you do. They talk a good game, but they are damaged and only want to damage you in return — that’s their way of feeling powerful. Lame of them isn’t it? Sad, too.


    @Lucius vorenus: “What makes your man Lucius Vorenus so morose?” I’m sure you recognize that quote if your username is any indication.

    I have that kid listed on by subscriptions list on YouTube and he does nothing but share his frustration as a young-not-typically-gay-youth with others. He’s just a kid trying to find his place in this vast spectrum of identity within the gay community. He is sweet and inspires his viewers. If you read the comments to his videos you will know this. He IS NOT out for fame or attention–he is very focused on his academics and the little time he has, he makes a video that might inspire perhaps even another frustrated gay teen about to commit suicide and that makes him a far better human being than any of you here! Erik’s generation of queers will never be understood by you bitter Stonewall queens who have a fixed sense of the homosexual male–one that gestures wildly from whose lips a Judy Garland purse springs forth whenever they speak. Leave him alone!

    In any case, must we drag up this whole thing about straight acting again? Check out the other Queerty posts on him and find your answer to your questions. Erik, DO NOT, reiterate what you have made clear in other posts–you OWE THEM NOTHING!

  • Chad

    I personally maybe not be fond of the term “straight acting”, but I find Erik very cute and sweet. And just wish we could hang out, and maybe we could get some with each other hehe!!

  • thousandfold

    Good for you Erik. I remember what it was like the first time I hooked up: just knowing that someone wants you in the same way you want random cute guys for their bodies can be an incredible ego boost, and is in someways an induction into adulthood. Here’s to you having more exciting, awesome, great, incredible experiences!

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