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  • Hmmmmm...

    Err… well… ummm…

    Oh dear.

    Eye and brain bleach, please.

  • Jorge

    Muscles and iPhones, what could be more important?

  • Cray

    Straight-Acting Erik and Davey-Wavey are both a bit awkward, both look a bit odd, and have odd voices, but I would take Erik over Davey in a heartbeat.

    Erik seems to have an open mind, eyes-open to the world, while Davey seems to be positioning himself as some kind of holistic yoga guru queen. Davey is flat-out annoying, while Erik makes me want to grab him and tickle him and make him feel all happy.

    I picture a night with Erik as consisting of endless kisses, cuddling and soft whimpering, while a night with Davey would, at some point, involve the awkward moment where he pulls out his big chest of freaky sex toys.


    @Cray: And based on his body type, I am sure Erik has a baseball bat (I know you are gonna read this Erik! see how we promote you here on Queerty St. :-p)….Davey, not so much………

  • SugNight

    Davey would scream out his OWN name during sex. B-O-R-I-N-G.

    Erik needs some food and a spray tan.

    Not that I’m one to judge.

  • Cam

    @Cray: said..

    “I picture a night with Erik as consisting of endless kisses, cuddling and soft whimpering, while a night with Davey would, at some point, involve the awkward moment where he pulls out his big chest of freaky sex toys.”

    Really? I picture Davey as being very boring in bed. People that seem to try to constantly advertise sex usually end up being the sexual equivilent of a glass of warm milk and a lullaby. It’s always the innocent looking accountant, or the shy, newly out former Mormon Missionary that are demons in the sack in my opinion. :)



    “Davey would scream out his OWN name during sex” : Rimshot! :-p

  • Henry Holland

    Is Erik legal? Check. Does he have some chest hair? Check, a bit around the nipples, more will grow soon. Does he have a trim body but doesn’t look like he spends his life in a gym? Check. Is he pale, not tanned or *shudder* fake-tanned? *shudder* Check.

    Yeah, I totally would, he’s totally my type.

  • Mike L.

    He seems a lot more confident and his voice dif b/c of it. Prolly b/c he finally had some a while back lol.

    Good for him, good looking redhead guy.

  • Queer Supremacist

    Douchey Wouchey has the muscles, but Erik would probably call the next morning.

  • James Davis

    @SugNight: Let me first say I could be wrong, but in my opinion Davey would be the better choice for a roll in the hay. Not basing this on looks at all, but simply Davey is more comfortable with himself than Erik appears to be. Erik I’m betting would be a bit shy and almost puritanical in the bedroom where as Davey strikes me as someone who would get buck wild. I choose buck wild over puritanical any day.

  • James Davis

    Ps. If I had to pick based on looks, I’d Pick Davey’s friend. LOL

  • scott ny'er

    I didn’t even look at DaveyWavey (well maybe once or twice, what is up with those huge pecs – and that’s not in a good way). His friend Mitch is the reason I watched that clip and he is cute, cute, cute. Love his accent, deep voice and cute mannerisms.

    Erik… wow, well, I think I can see his bones. But, better to be trim than fat, so coolness.

  • Bob R

    I think Davey Wavey has spring loaded legs. You roll Davey on his back and those toes want to tap dance on the ceiling. This kid, I’ll bet is very shy, reserved and extremely inexperienced. I do like Eric’s voice, though. Now, Davey’s friend Mitch, that would be an adventure I’m ready to guess.

  • Cray

    *sigh* I had made a mental note to try and avoid joining in the wavey-hate, but I had to share the observation I made while watching the wavey video: I was watching Mitch and Davey’s faces, and I said to myself “these two HAVE had sex”. Then, Davey spends all that time setting up that REALLY OBVIOUS “big penis” joke… To which Mitch apparently responds that he hadn’t seen any of that yet… Burn!

    Back to Erik, I think he’s probably very enthusiastic in bed. He has endless stamina, is highly oral, and very affectionate. I like his slim, pale, clean body and I desperately want to nibble on those widdle ears. If he ever got a tan, I’d demand he keep his buns white with a nice square-cut pair of briefs. If he got tattoos or piercings, i’d cry and vomit at the same time. Sexual fantasies aside, Erik’s personality suggests to me that he may be bolstering his self-confidence a bit for the moment, but that he’s a very dependable person. Once he’s held a job with a degree of responsibility, he’s going to develop a genuine can-do attitude that will open many doors for him.

  • SouLKid


  • Brutus

    Mitch is HOT.

    Those EYES!

  • juanitothegreat

    I don’t get why queerty has such an obsession with these two…I like this site, but there are much better gays on youtube to talk about.

  • Absurdity

    @Cam: I’ve always said that usually the better looking the guy is the worse he is in bed and it’s actually very logical. They get all the hookups they want but probably not a lot of repeat performances which is why they’re always with someone new.

    I’d like to know what DW does for a living. The few times I’ve seen his videos he’s always in a different location. He certainly doesn’t make that from his youtube money. So does he have a daddy or does he slut himself out, sky mattress or what? I can tell you that he’s starting to show some age though. His face is more drawn than just a year or two ago.

  • Absurdity

    @James Davis: I think that DW has more experience (a lot more) than Erik so don’t be so hard on Erik he’s just finding his way out the door while DW already has the mainstream effeminate tone in his voice.

  • Absurdity

    @Bob R: I agree Mitch is a hotty and he’s got beautiful eyes and a sexual allure about him and he’s not in your face with his sexuality. I’d love to get to know Mitch much better.

  • Jimmi


  • gwyneth cornrow

    What is up with the big bump on the back of that Australian queen’s head?

  • Toby

    He has a cute little skinny body and seems to have a cute personality.

    You know what would be cool [email protected]James Davis: Oh yeah, he was the cutest.

    Then again, I think Wavey and Mitch are cute too…but I’m one of those that think every demographic has a hottie.

  • Alfonzo

    DAMN YOU QUEERTY! I knew it was a trick to get me to look at another Davey Wavey Post.

  • James UK

    My impression is that Dorothy doesn’t much like either of them. Or am I merely projecting?

  • Joey O'H

    Erik could use a good soup and a sandwich.

  • louis

    OK, so I saw this guy Davey Wavey with this other guy at Whole Foods the other day and was VERY surprised how davey looked in person. He was maybe 5 foot 7, not as big and muscular as he makes himself out to look in his videos.

    Kinda sad he is supposed to be some fitness guru now? He’s very tiny and small framed I think I would break him in half.

    Gross, I always thought he was like 6’2 and long and lean…


    ok, I’m confused. Why was I asked to spend five minutes of my life watching those guys other than the fact they had their shirts off?

    The twink is totally a waste of 80lbs and vaguely ripping off “Naked Boy News”. The big tittied one I’d have to throw out after ejaculating because I would be afraid his vapidity would kill my houseplants.

    Don’t you have some NSFW vid of Christiano?

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