“Straight-Acting” Mr. Gay World Will Promote Masculine Homosexuality Worldwide

Mr. Gay World 2012 is definitely a hunk… but it seems he might need some exercise as far as his brain goes.

Andy Derleth, a porcelain Ken Doll from Germany now living in New Zealand, talked with Fairfax NZ and revealed some alarming beliefs about promoting gay rights… by ridding the world of effeminate fags.

Fairfax quotes him as saying he wants to erase “the image of us [gay men] running around with handbags.”

Oh no she didn’t!

And he went on… “You will get some people who say things about gay people around young people and that behaviour possibly makes it hard for people to come out. We need to see people embracing it and not scaring them away.”

But if we keep running around with handbags are we going to scare off the young people no matter what?

Gay New Zealand talk duo Aaron And Andy put it best with some strong words for Derleth: “So, according to Mr. Gay World 2012, you can be gay and that’s fine and dandy. But don’t you dare, by any means, do anything outside of what is deemed acceptable by heterosexual society as ‘normal’ and ‘masculine’, at least not if you want Mr. Gay World 2012 to have your back.”

He spoke these “straight-acting” words alongside lip service for international LGBT rights, which he’s been given $25,000 to travel the world and promote:

“The role of Mr Gay World is to stand up for gay and human rights, which I’m very into. I want to use this to raise public awareness about gay rights and promote acceptance. There are still countries which have the death penalty if you’re gay.”

Now it’s possible Fairfax misquoted Derleth, because they only quote him on the “the image of us [gay men] running around with handbags” part, not the critical verb part (“erase”)… but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Derleth: wise up about effeminate gays, or else you become a part of the problem. All gay men have a girly side, even the gym rats who are trying so hard to be masc tops it’s sad. We’re gay because we can take it both ways; we can have our cake and eat it too. And if you don’t want to join in on the fun, then go be straight.

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