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Straight Blond Ambition Dancer Thanks Gay Community For Not Throwing Him Under The Bus

gabriel_kevin_oliver_truth-or-dare-4I have to thank the gay community for not throwing me under the bus. When the movie came out, a lot of gay and lesbian people could have treated me like shit, because I was very homophobic, and I was very ignorant. Basically, the guys took me under their wing, and Kevin and Gabriel just took me so under their wing, and I learned so much about the guys. I learned about how they realized they were gay, and what they went through. And then I had a different perception of the community. Carlton was like a big brother, and he was like that with everyone. Even though in the movie you can see Jose, Slam and Lewis giving me a hard time, it was all out of love. And to be honest, I would not change anything.”Oliver Crumes, the only straight man among Madonna‘s back-up dancers on her iconic Blond Ambition tour, speaking about life on the road and the upcoming documentary Strike A Pose with Attitude magazine