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‘Straight up disrespectful!’ Nyle DiMarco slams Jamie Foxx for making fun of sign language

Nyle DiMarco did not appreciate a recent promo by Jimmy Fallon and Jamie Foxx, which he says was disrespectful of hearing impaired people.

The spot aired last week and depicted Foxx pretending to translate Fallon’s comments into sign language. But here’s the thing: Foxx wasn’t actually using sign language. He was just nonsensically moving his fingers around.

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28-year-old DiMarco is deaf. He is also the founder of the Nyle DiMarco Foundation, which works to improve language and literacy development for hearing impaired youth across the country. He immediately took to Twitter to call out Foxx for his failed attempt at a joke, tweeting:

In a followup tweet, DiMarco wrote: “How was this allowed? Where’s the cultural sensitivity. Not comedy when you make fun of others.”

He followed that followup with a longer tweet, in which he didn’t mince any words:

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