Straight Dude Hooked Up With “Man In Drag” And Liked It, Now He’s Freaking Out

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A 25-year-old heterosexual man from the U.K. is all shook up after inadvertently hooking up with another guy, so he’s turning to advice columnist Deidre from the UK Sun for help.

“Dear Deidre,” his letter begins. “I was seduced by a beautiful woman who, it turned out, was a man dressed in drag. The sex was amazing but now I’m confused.”

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It all started when the man attended his friend’s house party.

“My girlfriend was busy that night so I went on my own,” he writes. “I was already drunk by the time I arrived. I went straight to the kitchen to find some more beer.”

That’s when he saw the woman.

“A beautiful blonde said she’d pour it for me,” the man writes. “She was around my age and had long, shapely legs and a beautiful smile. She seemed really keen and we bantered a bit then I led her upstairs–not something I normally do.”

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One thing led to another and pretty soon the man realized, “she wasn’t a girl but a bloke dressed in drag.”

But that didn’t stop him from finishing what he had started.

“We had sex,” he confesses. “It was epic.”

Now he says he’s in a pickle.

“Since then I really can’t bear to get close to my girlfriend at all,” he writes. “She knows I’ve changed but she doesn’t know why. I can’t stop thinking about that night.”

“How can I say I cheated on her with a man?”

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As usual, Deidre knows just what to say.

“One gay encounter doesn’t mean you’re gay,” he advises. “You were drunk at the time and already turned on by the person you thought was a girl.”

“If it doesn’t really mean anything to you long-term, put it down to experience but best not tell your fiancée, who could find it unsettling,” she continues. “If you’re feeling unsure, though, don’t drift into a marriage you’ll regret.”

“I’m sending you my e-leaflet Gay Worries, which will help you to think this all through.”

What do you think? Should the chap tell his girlfriend about the encounter, or is it best to keep it mum? Sound off in the comments section below…