Straight Dudes File California Gay Marriage Ballot Initiative

43235098Big news that’s really not, a pair of straight Southern California college students, Ali Shams and Kaelan Housewright have filed a ballot initiative withe the Southern California Attorney General’s office that would replace marriage with domestic partnerships for all people in the state. It’s the second marriage equality related initiative filed with the Attorney General– an earlier one, still awaiting circulation would repeal Proposition 8.

The real news is that no gay rights or marriage equality group supports them.

We asked the gay rights leaders we spoke to in today’s feature about these initiatives. Find out what they said after the jump.

As we mentioned in the feature, neither Equality California nor the Courage Campaign, the two groups doing the most to organize marriage equality activists have any current plas to support the ballot initiatives that have been filed. Why?

Marc Solomon, the recently hired marriage director of Equality California explains:

“I think, from my standpoint, Prop. 8 over the long haul can not stand. We have to organize to repeal it, but the question is when, not whether. We really need to think this through and do research, meaning we need to look at detailed polling of when the smartest time to bring a ballot initiative forward would be.”

and Rick Jacobs of the Courage Campaign, who previously suggested that a ballot initiative ought to happen sooner rather than later, agrees, saying:

“One of the things we want to do is make sure that the next fight is on our terms and that requires us to be smart about choosing how we want to pitch our battle. There need to be polling, which of course is never perfect, but will be instructive about how to proceed further.”

The ballot initiative must get 600,000+ signatures supporting it before it by the beginning of August before it can be considered for the 2010 ballot.