Straight Goalie Anders Lindegaard Thinks Gay Soccer Players Should Come Out

Gay people need a hero. They need someone who dares to step forward and stand for their sexuality.

“Homosexuality in football is a taboo subject. The atmosphere on the pitch and in the stands is tough. The mechanisms are primitive, and it is often expressed through a classic stereotype notion that a real man should be brave, strong, aggressive and loyal. And it is not the image that a football supporter associates with a gay person.

“Of course it is a problem for young gay guys who love football, and feel they must stop their sport. Any discrimination is totally unacceptable, regardless of whether it is to do with colour, religion or sexuality. A gay player would fear the reception he gets from fans. My general impression is that other players would accept a gay player without any major problems.”

Danish (and straight) Manchester United goalie  Anders Lindegaard writing on a Danish betting site, via The Sun. Lindegaard also noted that his girlfriend is a model and that the fashion industry is “extremely open-minded.”

Photos: Anders Lindegaard’s Facebook

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  • erikwm

    Being American and oblivious to soccer, I’ve never heard of this guy. But he seems smart and is very easy on the eyes!

  • balehead

    Saying gay is ok is a great way to get publicity now!! Wonder if he really means it!!

  • kayakriver

    He’s Danish, he comes from a very advanced society, I’m sure he means it. But a Danish guy has a totally different education and perspective than let’s say, South Americans, Africans, etc, who are big in soccer. Not everyone thinks the same and the problem is that the majority of the soccer fans are macho types, often lower class. No good reception there.

  • SteveMD2

    Interesting. I went to denmark this past summer to support gay people who had just won the right to marry in DK. vote in parliment 85 to 14.

    a hundred thosuand or more marched in the gay pride parade in Copenhagen, a city of
    about 500.000 people. the same people who risked their lives to help thousands of
    Jews escape to neutral sweden during WWII (its only about 30 miles from CPH to Sweden.

    And the danes, since its a state church, allow gays to marry in the church, its the
    gays responsibility to find a minister who will do the ceremony – about 60% of them will do so. (Sweden its about 80%, same situataion.

    Had a roaring good time. Go there – pride is usually in the 2nd or 3rd week of
    August , to not conflict with many other european prides

    If you want to go to another very different country, go to iceland as i did in
    2011 to celebrate their 49 to zero vote for marriage equality there. ReykJavik
    is a beautful city I also took a bus tour of the southeastern country side, saw
    glaciers etc

    Virtually everyone in both of these countries speaks english, most without an

  • SteveMD2

    I mihg tadd that I’d prob move to CPH DK, but with multiple adult kids and grandhildren its not practical

    BTW the wx – in Iceland 55 in the am, 70 and storng sun in the pm.

    CPH DK – 65 in the Am, upper 70s to 80 in the pm both about the second week of August

  • Brian

    This story suggests that Europe is not as progressed as we’ve been led to believe. It’s a huge concern. As for straighr/gay, it’s a false choice. More men fall into the bisexual category than either tbe gay or straight one. It’s just that most straight-identifying guys won’t admit it.

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