Double tap

Straight guy accidentally turns gay group fantasy into reality with one sexting mistake

“Kyle accidentally started a lesbian cult.”

That sentence may trigger adolescent fantasies in some men, but the reality is far less titillating for the guy involved.

In a likely attempt at Snapchat sexting efficiency, “Kyle” tried to message a group of women he’d been pursuing. By the women’s own logic, his intention was likely to send nudes.

But that’s not what Kyle did.

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Instead, he set up a group chat with all the women, who quickly realized how amusing the situation was.

“Kyle probably wanted to send nudes to all of us but ended up creating a group,” reasoned one of the group’s unwitting members.

Others agreed before someone cracked the joke: “We should kick him out of the group and just send each other nudes.”

Or… was it a joke?

“I’m always down for that,” someone else wrote, and another quickly chimed in, “Oh my god I am so down.”

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“I like girls, so this will be a dream,” said one of the women.

After some photos were exchanged, one exclaimed: “Wait excuse me. HOW R U ALL SO HOT”

And that’s how we get to this glorious use of the English language: “Kyle accidentally started a lesbian cult.”

Here’s how the chat played out, minus all identifying information and photos:

The screenshots were uploaded by one of the women, Elizabeth (@springbreak2005), on Twitter, where the post has received over 100K shares: