Straight Guys Are Giving “Bro-Jobs” And Hooking Up On The DL Using New App


Straight guys, finding a bro-job has never been easier thanks to BRO, a social networking app that caters to heteroflexible dudes seeking bromances… and other things.

“BRO goes beyond using labels, and is for men that are interested in meeting other men,” the description reads. “It’s as simple as that. Just sign up, and start looking for new bros!”

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The app allows users to search for potential bros, chat, mark their favorites, and even “Fistbump” one another.

“If you know what you’re looking for,” the app promises, “BRO will help you find it.”

Jane Ward, whose bestselling book Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men caused a media frenzy last summer, says BRO further supports her theory that straight-identifying men engage in homosexual behaviors a lot more often than people might think.

“This kind of product serves as more evidence that the labels ‘gay’ and ‘bisexual’ do not capture all of the ways that men want to make intimate contact with other men, whether emotionally or sexually,” Ward tells Queerty.

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Ward then points to the recent CDC study that found 2.8 percent of straight-identifying men admitted to having oral or anal sex with another man.

“This may seem like a small figure, but for comparison’s sake, it is roughly equivalent to the number of Americans who are Jewish,” Ward says. “With this kind of data in mind, products like the BRO don’t seem so ridiculous. They are responding to a fairly common human behavior.”

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  • Emery Biggar

    I should download that app LOL

  • Richard Garcia

    I find this hard to believe. It sounds more like a gay man’s fantasy.

  • Bruce Dillon

    BROmance Novelista’s!

  • Dieter Michaels

    spoiler alert….. if you are a guy who is seeking out sexual acts with another guy, you are NOT in fact straight. Straight men don’t do that. End of spoiler.

  • Milli V Hicks

    Bro way! I don’t believe it

  • Roberto Romero

    Sign me up!!! Happy to help a BRO out anytime! :)

  • Kichigai

    Where is the Android Support for this app? Right now it is only in the apple ecosystem. WTF!

  • Octavio Roca

    Sounds like college circa 1968.

  • ingyaom

    Is there a HE-BRO version for Jewish BROS?

  • DCguy

    So Hetroflexible is the new word for closeted and on the down low?

  • DCguy


    And bisexuals, quick update, you no longer exist. Looks like you’re all “Heteroflexible” now.

  • André Bonnet

    Never underestimate mankind’s talent for denial

  • etseq

    How much is Queerty getting paid for this “product placement” advert masquerading as a news article? Or maybe Queerty is pushing this for free as part of its self-loathing mission to valorize “straight” men over gay men as the ultimate sexual conquest, which only reinforces both the hyper-masculine fetish and internalized homophobia that plagues our community.

    And for the love of god, please stop promoting that hack Jane Ward, who exemplifies that intellectual bankruptcy of “queer studies” and promotes the noxious lie that homosexuality is nothing more than a chosen lifestyle and not an innate orientation and rejects all the science to the contrary because reality is just a social construction…

  • Condor221

    @Richard Garcia: It’s quite accurate I assure you. I have given head to first time “straight” guys who wanted to try, it a few times. They’ve had no trouble cumming at all…

  • theszak

    The Strategy. BEFORE sex get tested TOGETHER for A VARIETY OF STIs then make an INFORMED decision, google… tested together before sex

  • Josh447

    From Ward’s viewpoint, some straight identifying men have sex with men. Maybe we need to differentiate between heterosexual and straight. Straight may need a new more expanded definition.

  • da90027

    How ridiculous…another insipid article….by the way there are lots of bi curious men on grindr with girlfriends…I like men who KNOW what they want not some closet case.

  • dbmcvey

    Interesting. We’re calling them “straight guys” now? We used to call them “closet cases”.

  • Steven Burr

    I wanna find these guys

  • Kristopher Saim-Gentry

    Newsflash: the only people who will sign up for this app are gay or bi – your average Joe Straight Guy will not be here. Sorry to burst any bubbles…

  • Masc Pride

    …and thanks to Queerty, now it’ll just be full of a bunch of gay guys.

    In my opinion, the whole bromance thing is kind of impossible to do through an app. Most hetero/heteroflexible guys that experiment with other guys do it with guys they have some personal connection with, someone they already know really well. Guys that would use this app are probably pretty bi or gay (and are probably already on Grindr and won’t really need this).

    @Condor221: Hot!

  • Will Glitzern

    Once you’ve had dick, you never go back.

  • Desert Boy

    It’s been my experience that straight men love getting head but often, their wives are turned off to the practice. So what better way to unload a load but from a gay man?

  • Tommysole

    IT sounds like an App for closet cases.

    I stopped hooking up with “Straight” guys a few years back since they get, Guilty and shit after they blow a load and cannot even look in your eyes after they get done.

    one guy actually used to run out of the house after he fucked me, feeling all guilty and shit. ugh!

  • jayj150

    If they admit attraction to the same sex and willfully engage in sex acts with other men, doesn’t that, by definition, make them “not straight”?. And why is it that these guys who refuse the ‘gay/bi’ “label” have no problem using the “straight”, “DL” or (the incredibly ridiculous) “heteroflexible” labels? Aren’t those labels as well?.

  • Paco

    Just another gay hookup app for gays obsessed with scoring a “straight” guy, like the person that wrote this piece. I wonder why gay men aren’t good enough for some gays. When will sex with “straight” guys stop being the pinnacle of gay achievement?

  • TimberWolf

    more like Bro Ho’s another app for marketing.. really that desperate to find a shag you need app called bro. for ho’s sad.. but for the young and insecure

  • Stached1

    No straight guy has sex with another guy and if he’s getting sucked off by men he’s not hetero/straight but is gay or bisexual.

    What’s even more hilarious or pathetic are the gay men here who want to believe and need the fantasy that they’ve been with an actual hetero/straight guy.

    If this app even exists that is. The article reads like something from the onion.

  • TimberWolf

    more like Bro Ho’s another app for marketing. Really that desperate to find a shag that they need app called bro? for ho’s it is sad for the young and insecure

  • Curtispsf

    I could get down with BRO-llatio. But why not just use Grindr?

  • jayj150

    That woman cracks me up. She realizes one day that there are plenty of married men who cheat on their wives with other men and she acts like she discovered plutonium. Closeted gay/bi men have existed forever; we just called them, you know “closet cases”, “DL” or BISEXUAL. Don’t act like you discovered a new continent.

  • Dinodogstar

    Likely half of ‘straight’ men have had at least one same-sex encounter, and I would not be surprised if it’s not more common than that now, since the past social stigma has lessened a lot since my teen days… (For the likes of a Pat Robertson or Ted Cruz, it must be like having a ton of stones thrown back at them, and hard. )
    Anyone who has been out to a dance club with a predominantly-straight clientele, it’s the norm to see two ‘straight’ sorority-type girls to make out on during a Gaga remix.
    There has ALWAYS been shady edges to the identities we gay men would probably like and prefer to exist, in the very same way that die-hard straight men would like heterosexuality to be as such too. But that ain’t just the case, and even the socially-dense, but doctor-ly smart Dr. Carson, has said that “Many straight men and women go into prison, and a lot of them come out gay.” Thankfully for any decent and self-respecting lesbian or bi gal, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis did not ‘turn’ in her jail term. Had she had been there a couple years, she’d probably become the bull of the cow barn, and they’d likely have added a new character very-much resembling her on the show “Orange is the New Black”. Okay, wait, a point; i had one..oh, so it’s been everyone who is gay experience I think, that the super hetero alpha-male guy comes on to them after a couple beers, and even if they are the alcohol-free “O’Doul’s” brand..Gay men, I think, somehow serve the need, so to speak, for being the go-to sexual gratification outlet for otherwise ‘straight and not narrow’ men who can’t get none in their daily hunting for snatch. It’s just a talking-point, a consideration to try to reason out what gay men’s purpose is and has been, beyond making women look prettier, and, well, figure skating. I think that this is a naturally-developed purpose that homosexuality has served for the human species, as it might also other spieces as well..Bonobos and cattle, for instance, all screw around with same-sex, free-ranging tramp-y cows and monkeys for the ease and release of it. Like masterbation, it’s going to exit, and maybe i’m meant to help with that, TOM CRUISE and WILL SMITH, so call me! (No, Kevin, not interested, though you are the only one of these three we are all sure about.) Gay men and lesbians, bi women, trans-people and whatever sort of other varied colors in the rainbow not stated clearly here, we DO serve a purpose; it’s also an opinion of mine and many, that lgbt/queer people have served as the interpreters of the larger world, and we have since day one, been over-represented in those callings that concern that perspective. We ARE the writers, the artists, the clergy, the singers and writers of song, the thinkers, the professors, the spiritual leaders, the healers and, okay the sluts too. “Slut Pride”! Where’s MY parade!?!?) As slight outsiders and margin dwellers, we think, speak and act from a place of commentary and moral authority, and to say that makes me hope Pat Robertson or Jim Bakker is reading this. We are the two-spirited, the male-meets-female, the confusing but beautiful and enlightening expression of God’s, god’s, gods’, or Mother Nature’s own creation, and though we are a challenge to the world’s balance, we actually keep the planet and the society spinning right along with it. So, while it’s fair, self-affirming, good, aspirational, and noble to know that we lgbt people are looking heavenward, while we continue steering the cultural progress and momentum forward, we also serve a real-world gig as well, and that’s to be ALSO the comforter and reliever, in so, so many ways that they never mentioned to me back in Catholic School. Men and women, and everyone in-between, have always sought those physical, unfulfilled needs and desires from us, whether affection, erotic or fraternal or another emotional need that both sex and human touch of a like-gendered person could provide them with. So, as the social restrictions fall against homosexual behavior, men at least are gonna try it out. As we know, in some past cultures, this same-sex action was the norm, btw. There WILL be a shoving back of the social pendulum form the progress of homosexuality that has been seen. And AIDS helped start that backward thrust in motion. As AIDS is less-seen as stupidly, simply what happens if you are a guy who gets plowed, and as more about who is actually carrying the virus itself, regardless of what they have between their legs, the social progress of late is strongly now swinging back, and assertively and with a great force behind it. So, ‘straight’ men are gonna seek out gay guys who will relieve their pent-up sexual needs, and perhaps the same for many women who seek out female sex and affection as well. Gender is being less-and-less seen as an ‘either-or’ proposition, a less polarized stupid understanding of how gender really does and has ALWAYS played-out to be. Getting some action form a fellow man, no longer is seen as meaning that person getting taken care of, is possibly ‘gay’ as well, so, the lessened burn of a less-shameful word won’t any longer keep people from sexually acting out as they’d like. ( I can’t remember the exact Middle-East culture, i’m not certain of which, exactly, allows ‘heterosexual’ men to get served by gay men, and even allows them to mount the guy, as long as they are ‘on top’, they remain a ‘man’ and NOT like the ersatz-woman that a gay or trans person might be understood as. ( I think that was the great joy for “Lawrence of Arabia”‘s T.E. Lawrence, for example. People are going to have sex, cuz. well, that’s what they do, and their bodies hunger for; the appetite of erotic needs is at least as strong as a real hunger or thirst, and THE PILL made that sampling of the bodily goods now able to occur. The Pandora’s Box of sexual and gender freedom has been opened, and sorry to the far-righters, but it’s not able to be returned back to before it happened. No mater how demonized and preached about the supposed wrongs are attacked, premarital sex, birth control, the pill, the ‘day-after’ pill, masterbation, abortion or women’s rights among many social progressions have helped that side effect along to this point. So, to put it less-elegantly, and more base and to the point, the quaterback IS going to get blown by the nice cute cheerleader boy, and the wallflower is going to get some affection from the brave and strong captain of the Field Hockey girls’ team. Welcome to the “new normal” church folks. IM me if you’re considered the alpha-male at the law firm, or such a pretty male model you confuse and arouse Pat Robertson after he’s had a big gulp of the holy wine. (Sorry if the word, queer” bothers anyone, but it’s still a dam useful word.)

  • Giandorko86

    Omg stfu! Long winded much

  • Pete

    Jane Ward’s work is as delusional as any straight guy who think women have hot lesbian sex in the powder room. Both have been watching too much porn.

  • Dinodogstar

    In short, ‘sexuality’ has ALWAYS been a continuum, and medical advances in birth control–and AIDS prevention and treatment as well–means that people will continue to push the boundaries, when the social shame is significantly lessened as it has, at least in western societies, and sex does not mean the expected or feared pregnancy either. It’s a big leap of assumptions here, but it might have been that ‘gay’ men had, and still might provide, a convenient and easy and available way to siphon off that unspent energy and hunger, so to speak. “The PILL” sort of was not the best buddy or effective wing-man to a the gay guys, when maybe we no longer could serve as that go-to sexual outlet. AIDS then, only messed-up our whoring wishes even more. Sorry if that sounds too crudely said, and a sort of dismissive perspective on the disease. But certainly, one of the results and ramifications of the illness, has been to cut the sexual revolution-at least from our end- off at the knees; it’s coming back, as the story alludes to, as AIDS is less a ‘death sentence’, and more of a manageable, but still deeply sad illness that can be survived with, and even nearly erased, for some lucky few. We gay men though, have FAILED miserably and stupidly, to CONTINUE the NEED of getting the message out there that AIDS is NOT a game, and IS a concern STILL. It’s NOT clearly, on the front-page news headlines, and likely because in the U.S., HIV /AIDS has not panned-out to kill sexually-active straight men at all like it has for gay men. Certainly, Charlie Sheen and Magic Johnson are the exceptions that need to be put out there, to make EVERYONE act ‘safe’ in a sexual situation, regardless. And hey, you low-life azzholes who are making the ‘bareback’ gay porn, you’re as schittie as the plum that might pop out from badly-planned butt-sex act. STOP contributing to the FURTHER suffering, for your effed-up higher calling of greed and profiteering. Back to the topic at hand, all I can keep thinking of, is how dang great college and even high school was. ..Humming, the song, “Memories” now, and then i’m gonna google, ‘gay for pay’, ‘bait buddies’, and ‘first time’ as well. Later…!

  • rand503

    I have a straight friend, good looking, Italian, big dick, who loves women and having sex with women. He is mighty proud of his dick, and he loves having guys suck his dick, eat his cum, wear his used underwear and small his crotch. He doesn’t like to kiss men, or reciprocate in any way, but he does like to masturbate to the sight of a guy getting off on his underwear.

    So no, he’s not totally straight, but he’s not in any way a gay man. He has zero interest in having actual sex with a man.

    All these labels, and it is rather silly to assume that any guy who isn’t totally straight can only be a homosexual. The world is filled with all sorts of different people, and we should accept them as they are without trying to place them in our little basket.

  • dbmcvey

    @Masc Pride: It always was a bunch of gay guys. And I really don’t get the attraction to straight men. Sorry, but most straight guys just aren’t really any hotter than gay guys. It’s all fantasy.

  • dbmcvey

    @rand503: You’re so delusional. It’s kind of touching.

  • jayj150

    @rand503: No, your friend is obviously not homosexual as he is obviously attracted to women. He is not straight either, though. The word you’re looking for is BISEXUAL. They are not a myth, bisexual people actually exist, despite denials from people like you and Jane Ward. We are not putting your friend in “our little basket”. By the way, how is it you think the words ‘homosexual’ and ‘bisexual’ are ridiculous, but have no problem with “heteroflexible”.

  • dbmcvey

    @Dinodogstar: But those straight guys aren’t going to get an app where they hook up with other men.

  • Sweetie Pie

    Sorry for the bros…I am not using my FB profile to hook up with strangers

    • dbmcvey

      @Dinodogstar: That’s “in short”?

  • Rob Laughlin

    They’re not straight, just creating another silly hetero normative label.

  • Brian

    A lot of straight-identifying men want to get away from the feminizing influence of women. In the 1800’s and early 1900’s, this was quite easy as society was sex-segregated to a large extent. However, with the rise of feminism, women have sought increasingly to insert themselves into everything that men do. Feminism has thus reduced the ability of men to interact with each other.

    A lot of these interactions between straight-identifying men aren’t necessarily “homosexual”. A lot of them are a form of bonding, including physical, which affirms a man’s masculinity and virility. It may even include some lusty affirmations but they are not necessarily of a penetrative kind.

    I always thought the circle jerk combined with dirty talk was a fantastic form of male bonding.

  • dbmcvey

    @Brian: Ah, I was wondering when someone would blame feminism.

    If the interaction between men involves sex it’s homosexual.

  • Brian

    @dbmcvey: It depends on what you mean by homosexual. “Sexual” is a “wide spectrum” word. For example, there is a huge difference between a man penetrating a man and a man masturbating a man. They are two completely different scenarios. Be wary of wide-spectrum words because they do not serve logical thought.

    Keep in mind, also, that I am not blaming feminism overall. I think feminism was great up to the point where it empowered women to vote and to have proportional property rights etc. In other words, when it was about equality. However, in recent decades, feminism has been taken over by women who wish to have privileges over men.

    When modern-day feminists obtain privileges over men, it creates inequality, not just for straight-identifying men but also for gay-identifying men etc . There are some gay-identifying men who are happy to give women privileges but they tend to be self-loathing types who loathe their own manhood.

    • dbmcvey

      @Brian: By sexual, I mean sexual contact between men. The men themselves may not be gay but their activity is homosexual in nature. Men who are a 0 on the Kinsey scale aren’t going to be masturbating other men or letting other men masturbate them.

  • imperator

    @Richard Garcia: My fantasies as a gay man involve sex with other guys… but sex specifically with guys who are so hung up on identifying as straight that they’ll probably eschew a more substantive relationship? So hung up on it that maybe they might not acknowledge me outside of shady, clandestine hookups? So hung up on it that if I said “hey” to them in front of their straightbro friends, they might panic and throw a “fuck off, faggot” at me? Yeah, not so much. Maybe you mean “gay men with low self-esteem and an appetite for misery?”

  • NoCagada

    @rand503: Sorry you have a little basket. Evidently, it causes other issues for you

  • cabe

    Shouldn’t this App just be called “Closeted Gay Dudes Looking for [email protected]

  • cabe

    There are a lot of bi women because women are more sexually fluid than men but VERY few
    bi men. Every single “bi” man I have ever met was actually gay but called himself bi to make himself seem more acceptable as he was coming out. Once he felt more open about his sexuality he switched to calling himself gay.

  • William Noffsinger

    Hetero normative? What the hell has happened to us?

  • Stached1

    @jayj150: That woman is a wannabe academic/sociologist and extremely biphobic and homophobic; but there’s also biphobia from people posting here like Brian.

  • James Sigmon

    The all use Grindr , married men straight use this app. Grindr is all,fake and stupid people and dangerous

  • James Sigmon

    Collection app not listed

  • Ricardo Henriquez

    This obsession of gay culture with straight guys bothers me. It is creepy and Queerty loves to prey on it to get clicks

  • rand503

    @dbmcvey: Really? That the world is made up of ONLY 100% straight people or 100% gay people? It’s quite laughable on its face.

  • DistingueTraces

    Stop trying to make “bro-jobs” happen.

    It’s not going to happen.

  • Realitycheck

    Ppppplease!!! Straight man don’t do dicks!!

  • Realitycheck

    @rand503: Your friend is not straight in the slightest, he is either Bi or gay in denial….

  • Masc Pride

    @dbmcvey: Straight guys are still men. If you like men, you’ve been attracted to straight guys at some point. Stop lying to yourself.

  • Craig Bankert

    So basically it’s an app for gay guys with a straight guy fetish to hookup. How close was I?? Lol

  • Minyassa

    Why is this such a popular concept? I’m wondering, not criticizing, but it puzzles me that people would rather call these men “straight” than recognize them as bisexual. Is it so awful to be bi?

  • The Tower of Power

    @etseq: It’s not internalized homophobia that causes gay men to like hetero men, at least for me. There is less of a bitch factor with hetero guys, and there is a lot to be said about being turned on by the unattainable. Why do you think so many men like to watch lesbian sex in porn? It is because lesbians are seen as unattainable by men, and they cannot touch them, so it gives them an outlet into something forbidden.

    I am turned off by guys who are easy, and it’s fun to try to pursue men who are hard or impossible to get.

  • dbmcvey

    @Masc Pride: I don’t make a fetish of it. Once I know they’re straight I leave them alone. If a guy has sex with you–he’s not completely straight. If a guy has this app–he’s not really straight.

  • dbmcvey

    @Minyassa: Did you read the title of this? They are supposedly guys who claim to be straight (not bi) hooking up with men for sex. No one said it’s awful to be bi–except maybe the people using this app.

  • dbmcvey

    @The Tower of Power: Except that if a guy wants to have sex with you they are not hetero.

  • The Tower of Power

    @dbmcvey: I know. I was talking about the attraction to guys who are not interested or unattainable.

    I personally love to hit on guys who are unattainable because the pursuit is fun, and you never know how they will react.

  • The Tower of Power

    @Ricardo Henriquez: Except it is not only gay men who do that. It is extremely common by heteros.

    A lot of men are extremely turned on by watching women have sex with each other. It has to do with lesbians being unattainable to them and men cannot touch lesbians, so it’s like eating a forbidden fruit.

  • enlightenone

    @TimberWolf: “…more like Bro Ho’s another app for marketing…”


    What a sexy avatar!

  • enlightenone

    @Dinodogstar: PARAGRAPHS PLEASE!! Maybe something worth reading????

  • martinbakman

    @Brian: That’s fascinating. Another thing that fascinates me is why lesbians enjoy gay porn. One would think these lesbians, the ultimate feminists, would turn away from two dudes boning. But no! They want to watch. I have to wonder why.

  • Captain Obvious

    I remember when there was a huge attack on black men in the closet called the “down low” phenomenon. People kept saying white men couldn’t be “down low”. So what the heck is all this crap and why are you making it sound positive now with the gender fluid nonsense?

    The idiotic hypocrisy continues.

  • The Tower of Power

    @Brian: I am very pro-feminist, and I am proud of my manhood. Feminism is not about conferring privileges on women; it is about respecting a woman’s right to make her own decisions for her own life. Believe it or not, there are still a lot of men in the USA who don’t trust women to make their own choices.

    I work with the public, and on a daily basis I encounter hetero couples in which the man controls all of the money, and the woman cannot buy anything without her husband present because he is the only one with the cash or credit cards. Why is it like that? In a marriage or partnership, both parties are supposed to be united as one, so the money should be pooled and used by both of them to support their life together.

    Similarly, in many states, there is a movement afoot to undermine women’s rights to make medical decisions with their doctors. I do not view women as fawns who are so weak that the government must step in and make these decisions for them.

    Feminism and gay rights go hand-in-hand. Without feminism, there would be no gay marriage. Feminism set the stage for both sexes to be treated as one under the law. If both sexes are equal under the law, then a contract between a man and a woman must be viewed the same as an identical contract between two men.

  • Masc Pride

    @dbmcvey: I didn’t say you did. You were acting as if straight men are a different species that you couldn’t possibly find yourself attracted to, which is why I said they’re still men and you’ve probably been attracted to a good amount if you’re attracted to men. As far as the rest, I don’t view sexuality quite as black or white as you do. I’ve had encounters with guys that are now settled down with wives and kids, and they seem quite happy and fulfilled.

  • Matthew Thompson

    I’m a gay man I find this troubling. Nothing worse then a sneak. If your attracted to the same sex you are NOT straight.

  • Dave Downunder

    Another app that will be full of self hating gay men trying to pass themselves off as something they are not. When did it become so uncool to be flat out gay. Now everyone calls themselves bi or heteroflexable or something with the word fluid in it.

  • dbmcvey

    @The Tower of Power: Oh, so you’re the one coming on to straight guys, making them feel uncomfortable and think that gay men are predators. Great job!

  • dbmcvey

    @Masc Pride: This seems like more a you problem than a me problem. I don’t view sexuality as black and white–but a straight man doesn’t use an app to hook up with other men. Gay men do. Bisexual men do. And a lot of gay men fetishize heterosexuality in a kind of creepy way. Those guys that are “settled down” with wives and kids wouldn’t be having encounters with you if everything is so great. I’m sure their wives wouldn’t be thrilled and the chaos that will happen when they are either found out or decide to leave their families won’t be sexy.

  • Scott Kutler

    I’m the founder of this app! I really wish someone would have spoken with me before writing this article… ???

  • Dakotahgeo

    Well, at least the cattle and sheep in the northern tier of States are breathing a little easier………..

  • T2TheB

    Just goes to show what I’ve long suspected…everyone who’s got one likes dick to some extent.

  • Amsterdirk

    Free your mind, guys. I wouldn’t mind trying sex with a woman and I *promise* you I’m not bisexual.

  • Nahald

    @Dieter Michaels: I disagree….sex if just sex…if it feels good….go for it. And seems that a lot of straight guys are finally understanding that idea. Younger guys aren’t nearly as stuffy as you think they are.

  • Brian

    Feminism has made it more difficult for men in an overall sense. It created privileges for women which directly reduce the ability of men to interact with other men, sexually or otherwise.

    Women have a great jealousy toward men. They are jealous of the fact that men can willingly expel the sex cells from their body. Women can’t do this.

    A woman’s envy of men extends to all aspects of manhood, from male bonding to male-male sexual interactions.

    Feminism was good up to a point but now it has created privileges for women which directly reduce the incidence of male homosexual desire.

  • Dev.C

    This is gross, I really don’t understand why adult gay men can’t get over this fetishism with straight men or men who are interested in women period. It’s like because we have opened the flood gates to diverse sexual identity, gay men think they can have the straight guy of their dreams, that they have been chasing since adolescence.
    I guess by living in a gay city I’ve gotten over the idea of straight guys, especially when comparing them to other gay men who are just as hot if not hotter.
    I keep reading that some gay men like the challenge of chasing after men who are attracted to women, but that just makes you sound like a creep and no different than straight women who are convinced they can turn a gay guy straight.
    In many ways gay men are more of a challenge than straight men because of all of these supposed “preferences” everyone seems to have now.
    That in fact may be why so many gay men find baiting straight men so appealing, they have no expectations of someone who is not supposed be attracted to them and if they succeed in sex, maybe you’ll be their preference in guy for a potential relationship.
    It’s all quite sad and really makes you think about what exactly are we doing each other to get this result.

  • HyperionR

    This reminds me of the fictional app in a gay sim date game. Except it was Brofinder and had the fistbump feature. The game is Coming Out on Top.

  • The Tower of Power

    @Brian: Oh really? Go to any sports bar during a football game. It will be filled with men. Very few women, if any. There are plenty of places in which men can interact with few or no women around. Many fraternal organizations also do not allow women.

  • dbmcvey

    @rand503: I didn’t say that. That’s your own problem. If someone says they are straight and then use this app to have sex with people of the same sex they are not straight. What’s so hard to get about that? These aren’t men who are claiming to be bi, they aren’t claiming to be sexually fluid, they are claiming to be straight. And they are not. And if your fetish is that you want straight guys, guess what–they’re not.

  • CarlIsle

    @Brian: Are you serious??? I hope not because what you wrote about feminism and women’s jealousy of men spending time together is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time.

  • Hu7w

    It’s surprising that these forms of male sexual repression (for example, inability to become emotionally involved with other man) are socially accepted, including methodological (Psychology) when it concerns the homosexuality.

    But if a straight or bisexual man could not live fully his heterosexuality it would be considered, logically, a big problem.

    I mean, I am totally sure that we would all agree that this straight man might have a big problem.

    But if this was about a gay or bisexual man, people consider normal or reasonable that he could repress his gay feelings. Double standard…

  • Hu7w

    It’s surprising that these forms of male sexual repression (for example, inability to become emotionally involved with other man) are socially accepted, including methodologically (Psychology), when it concerns the homosexuality.

    But if a straight or bisexual man could not live fully his heterosexuality it would be considered, logically, a big problem.

    I mean, I am totally sure that we would all agree that this straight man might have a big problem.

    But if this was about a gay or bisexual man, people consider normal or reasonable that he could repress his gay feelings. Double standard…

  • DCguy

    Wow, guys blowing each other and don’t want to be called gay or Bi.

    So in other words, closet cases.

  • The Tower of Power

    @Brian: Another question I have is why do you feel the integration of women into traditionally male preserves of socialization is negative for a society? If you look at sex-segregated countries, such as the majority of Islamic societies, and most of Africa, you will find they are universally less democratic.

    The more women are integrated into all institutions of a society, the more democratic it is.

    So do you think it would be better living in a sex-segregated society in which the sexes have their own organizations and activities and cannot join a workplace or school or social group of the opposite sex? There are countries like that already: Saudi Arabia and Egypt!

  • Masc Pride

    @dbmcvey: Seems more like you have an illiteracy problem. I clearly stated the encounters happened long before they were married. I’ve never knowingly had any encounters with married guys. The word “had” denotes past tense. Have someone look it up and read it to you.

  • gossipbear

    Not sure exactly where I stand on this. On one hand, I’m not comfortable with telling another guy what his sexual identity is – that’s his call. On the other, I see where those calling BS are coming from. Oh my God! I’m opinioflexible! Aaarghhh!

  • gossipbear

    @Dinodogstar: Love it! But dude – paragraphing! (My eyes..!)

  • JamJewel

    @The Tower of Power “Why do you think so many men like to watch lesbian sex in porn?” It’s porn… it’s acting… something endemic to our culture – that men are in charge of porn and media so women are sexualized regardless of orientation and guys love it while they abhor any male affectation or affection.

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