Straight guys keep covertly gushing about “Magic Mike” to Matt Bomer

Out movie star Matt Bomer has an impressive career by any standards.

But there’s one film that he just can’t shake — and why would he want to?

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Magic Mike was something of a cultural phenomenon in 2012, and there’s one category of fans who keep covertly bringing up the strip-tastic saga whenever they bump into Bomer at the grocery store, the neighborhood dive or perhaps in line at the DMV: straight guys.

We’re sure they only watch it for the acting though, not the dancing.

Matt stopped by Conan to discuss: 

Here’s a refresher on the film they all love so much:

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  • Brody

    I’m pretty sure there’s a clinical term for gay men who obsess over believing all men are likewise gay and share their desires, and I’m also pretty sure all Queerty writers suffer from a severe case of it.

    • Josh447

      Haha very funny. Straight guys admire hot bodies male or not just like I admire beautiful women however, no boner for either of us. And no, not every str8 guy has his price. Rose colored glasses are so completely boring and rediculous.

    • zealot

      No, actually this is a common myth straight men like to believe about themselves. For the record, no…we’re not all after you, or believe you’d “go gay” for the right guy..and in Matt Bomer’s case…he’s happily married and has better things to worry about. P.S. There is a clinical term for your comment…”delusional”.

    • PinkoOfTheGange

      There might be, but why you bring it up based on this story is an example of projection, because no one in this story even alludes to anything resembling latent homosexuality…some insecurity in someone’s masculinity now that was laid out like Brody at the tubs on half price night.

  • ingyaom

    Was this movie as dumb as it looks?

    • Josh447

      No. Unless you’re str8. It’s fluff fun, that’s about it. It wasn’t aiming for an academy award.

    • Daniel-Reader

      Yes, and the gay slur just made it even worse.

    • Donston

      It was a halfway decent, small scale character drama. It got some acclaim because it wasn’t as terrible as many thought it would be. But it was still mostly drab and shallow. As far as whether it’s a turn on of a movie, not really. Tatum was the only one who knew anything about stripping. Everyone else was stiff and awkward, in particular Bomer. And there is far more skin shown and general raciness from from most strippers than this movie was willing to put on display.

  • YourDad

    Whenever a mere mortal runs into a movie star in LA, they mentioned how much they loved them in _____ (fill in the blank). It’s usually the first or only movie they can remember the person in. I have no clue who Matt Bomer is, and doubt that straight men mentioning him in Magic Mike is indicative of anything.

    • PinkoOfTheGange

      Typical dad comment assuming they know something based on limited input. The video destroys your scenario.

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    • YourDad

      Writer implies straight men mentioning Magic Mike indicates secret desire. I disagree. Video irrelevant. Pinko needs a spanking.

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