Straight Guys On Gays Threatening To Marry Their Girlfriends: Please Do!

Last week, CollegeHumor posted a parody clip warning that if hetero guys didn’t get behind marriage equality, us homos were going to marry their girlfriends. In this equally satirical spot from , some straight dudes reveal they’re perfectly fine with that.

Hmm, maybe we should have thought this through more.

Below, check out the original CollegeHumor clip.

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  • Taliaferro

    Yup! We should have considered this likely outcome. After all, who would suffer most – those gay men who married straight women.

  • Charlie in Charge

    Well played, gentleman.

  • avesraggiana

    Dang. I just hate it when the straight guys come out ahead. Again.

  • MikeE

    hmmm, so these guys are basically man-whores?

    besides at least one of them set my gaydar off BIG time! LOL

  • gppm1103

    Well done guys:-)

  • nycbearman

    that’s great
    the hags will need you bad

  • Kasnar

    I’ve been told by a few straight guys that they’ve often met the hottest women through their gay male friends. We’ve always been more than happy to help.


    okay, round 1 to you.

    next, the girlfriends’ response?!
    please, somebody make that happen.

  • D P

    Dibs on the guy in the red hoodie! …now, where’s my six-pack of beer?

    Let’s keep a few things in mind here: so those guys who refuse to marry their girlfriends are cool with us ‘mo’s marrying their girlfriends, and their girlfriends are cool having a three-way with you and your hot gym-bunny friend who happens to be a boy?

    Step one completed.

    Then these horn-dog straight boys are cool on checking out other girls with the great rack and then want to sow their wild oats instead of commit to one vagina?

    Step two.

    They’re willing to attend the same fabulous wedding party that you and their girlfriend arranged? The same girlfriend with the desire for commitment fulfilled and you who’s already ready for the threesome has the pending threesome arranged beforehand will gather in the same venue with your gym-bunny friend?

    Step three.

    Sounds like the preparation for the threesome to turn into a foursome. Just add the six-pack. You remember now, don’t you? What was the difference between a straight man and a gay man? A six pack of beer. And, who’s got the bait? you and your gym-bunny friend. Now, just go set your sights on the guys who are not the boyfriend of the bait, yet are interested in her rack.

    simple, right?

    That way, you DON’T have to be the one to take care of straight sex in the group. Once again: I’ve got first dibs on the guy in the red hoodie!

  • Adam

    Really? You guys thought this was funny? One or two choice lines, maybe, but I couldn’t even finish watching it. This was such an obnoxious, sexist, video with regards to straight women. End communication.

  • avesraggiana

    @Adam: Yeah, I know…it was obnoxious and sexist alright, but straight guys are “stereotypically” like that.

  • MMDD

    @Adam: Oh please…and the gay guys’ video was condescending as hell toward straight guys. So which is worse?

  • darkmoonman

    Hmm, unoriginal sour grapes. “Ewww, I’m straight and feeling threatened. I know, I’ll make a video running down my girlfriend.” You completely missed the points of the preceding gay & lesbian videos.

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