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Straight guys reveal how it feels to be cruised in the shower room

Straight guys reveal how it feels to be cruised in the shower room: Athletic good looking and attractive man with muscular body standing under running water in shower room with black tiles in background

Ahh, the old shower room — everyone’s favorite place to get cruised…unless you’re straight! (Cruising means you’re looking for a guy to pick up, in case you’ve been living under a rock your whole life.)

You finish an intense workout at the gym. Covered in sweat, you strip down in the locker room and get ready to rinse off in the shower…aaaaand there’s some horny dude waiting to check out your merchandise. Do you skip the shower or just let the guy get a cheap thrill?

Now, imagine if you’re a straight guy in this scenario. Davey Wavey polled a group of straight guys to see how they’d react if they got cruised in the shower room. Then, Davey went a step further to see if this will change the way the guys objectify the ladies.

Find out what the straights say below:

When the question was posed to the straight guys, asking if they ever glanced at girls without their consent, it definitely gave them a moment of reflection. It made them realize that mutual respect is essential, regardless of sexual orientation. However, let’s be real, they may still sneak a peek at the ladies from time to time. After all, old habits die hard!

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