Straight Lady Poses as Grindr Hunk, Learns Lesson About Men

grindr-torsosHow do you cope with a tough breakup? Well, if you’re Natalia Provatas, you pretend to switch genders and bulk up with muscle, then lie to a bunch of gay men.

Natalia had just ended a five-year relationship and was feeling a little anxious, so she started posing as a hunky man on Grindr. Why? Well, that’s a little unclear. In an essay about the experience, she mentions that her gay friend Andrew was complaining about how hard it is to date with Grindr, and she says she wanted to prove him wrong. Later on, she confesses that she was using the imaginary profile as a way to avoid intimacy with the new man in her life. So, that’s awesome.

Natalia learned some important lessons:

  • Men on Grindr are eager to talk about/engage in sex acts

That’s actually pretty much the only lesson. Make note, everyone, in case you were not already aware of this fact.

Eventually, she figures out that it’s more rewarding to actually interact in real life, and grows bored of Grindr, just like everyone else. She also discovers that making yourself vulnerable to another person is a little scary. Okay.

Mostly, the takeaway here is that if you are flirting with a really hot guy on Grindr and he sends a couple of mismatched photos and then refuses to meet up, he’s probably a navel-gazing woman using you to work through her own emotional baggage. So, beware.